Watch Galaxy S20 Live Stream at Galaxy Unpacked 2020 Launch Event

This guide explains how to watch Galaxy S20 live stream at Galaxy 2020 Unpacked launch event. Samsung is all set to unveil its newest Galaxy flagship, presumably named as Galaxy S20. The event is planned to start later today at 11AM Pacific State Time (PST) in San Francisco. With just hours left, here is how you can tune in live and watch the whole announcement unfold. We have official stream event links that will let you watch Galaxy S20 live stream.

A flip phone with the rumored name of Galaxy Z flip is also expected to be unveiled at the event. Similar to Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Z flip will have a folding screen but in a vertical orientation. Samsung had a mixed response with Galaxy Fold but hopefully, the brand has learned from the experience and has created a better folding phone. All is to be unveiled later today officially. Samsung’s Galaxy S20 live stream will start approximately at 11AM PST.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020, Galaxy S20

Watch Galaxy S20, Galaxy Z Live Stream from Galaxy Unpacked 2020

As with all modern phone releases, a lot has been speculated, leaked and rumored. One prominent rumor that has been agreed mostly by all is the fact that rather than going with Galaxy S11 to follow last year’s Galaxy S10 series, Samsung will be going with Galaxy S20.

Samsung will, again, utilize its own official website to stream the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z launch event. To tune in and watch the official live stream, read ahead.

The following links will start video stream at 11AM PST.

The brand has mostly utilized its official YouTube channel to stream launch events so hopefully, when we near the event timing, a YouTube link will be published which will update here as soon as we have it.

UPDATE: YouTube Link has been attached!

Samsung Galaxy S20 Launch Event Official Teaser Video

There has been a teaser video launched for the event. The video doesn’t equate to any concrete information of what’s upcoming but it does tease a few shapes which might hint towards the design of the new products.

Here is the teaser video:

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