Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020 Event Confirmed for February – Galaxy S11 Launch

Start of a new year means arrival of new phones! As Samsung always launches its new Galaxy series within first quarter of the year, upcoming Galaxy S11 (Galaxy S20 as some rumors are stating) has been confirmed to launch on February 11th at the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event which will be held in San Francisco. While the new phone series will definitely take center stage at the launch, we are also expecting to see some surprising launches to accompany the new Galaxy S11 devices. Further, as we near the launch, we can expect to see more official teasers from Samsung and even leaks as well.

Last year’s Galaxy S10 event brought with itself three phones — one additional compared to S9. Similarly, we are expecting to see a three-phone lineup for Galaxy S11. Probably, there would be an “E” variant which will feature the smallest screen size and then a standard variant and lastly, a Plus edition as well. We will be covering all news as we build up to the launch so stay tuned for more information.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020, Galaxy S11, S20

Samsung Galaxy S11 Series Launch at Galaxy Unpacked 2020

Facing fierce competition from last year’s iPhone 11, Samsung really needs to step up in order to regain lost market share. Pricing is yet another factor that the company needs to nail as new, budget-focused options are popping up in the market hence deteriorating the overall value of flagships. Further, camera systems on Galaxy phones have been lacking over the past few years, they are not bad but definitely not the best in class, so the brand needs to address this aspect as well.

For now, we can only guess what’s in store as there is scarce information on the new phones. A new design, upgraded internals and improved software are a given but what else will Samsung add to the equation in order to make the deal justified for customers? We will have to wait and see!

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