Best Phones to Buy Under $300 – December 2019

As 2019 comes to an end, here are our top picks for the best value phones that you can buy right now under, or for exactly, $300. As premium phones have become too expensive for the average consumer, we have seen brands announce multiple value focused phones this year. As competition is tough and there are loads of options available in the value category, it becomes quite difficult to choose the right one. Nonetheless, we have filtered out the best Android phones for a budget of $300.

For couple of years now, budget phones have been providing the best value. While flagships get you innovative technologies, budget phones carry practical features that make the most difference. A minimum bezel or notch-free experience last year was mostly present on expensive phones but this time round, lot has changed and these value phones now ship with exceptional designs, great display to body ratios and latest software.

Best Budget, Value Phones, Under $300

Best Budget / Value Android Phones Under $300 – December 2019

For our list, we have short-listed these phones based on their hardware, software, design and also, feedback from existing owners. You would notice no numbering as we think if you choose any single one from the list, it is a great decision.

Realme XT

Realme XT

Realme started off with the sole purpose to bring consumers exceptional budget phones that don’t break the bank and still come packed with essential features. Extending the philosophy, the brand recently launched its Realme XT. Available in the $300 price bracket, this phone has a 64MP camera, in-display fingerprint scanner and also, is planned to get updated to Android 10.

Internally, you can get the phone starting with 64GB storage. While that might seem a little crammed, the phone supports microSD expansion. For RAM, the phone comes with 4GB as base and can be spec-ed up-to 8GB. And for the processor, it carries Snapdragon’s efficient high to mid-range SD712 chipset.

Huawei Y9s

Best Phones to Buy Under $300 - December 2019 1

Building on the successful recipe of Y9 Prime 2019, the new Huawei Y9s is a great refinement. It carries much of the same internals as Y9 Prime 2019 but brings a more ergonomic side-mount fingerprint scanner and a 48MP upgraded main camera.

Other notable features include a notch-free display thanks to the motorized front camera and exceptional battery life. We covered a complete review on the Huawei Y9s recently which you can read here.

Samsung Galaxy A50s

Best Phones to Buy Under $300 - December 2019 2

Samsung’s A lineup has truly stepped up in 2019. The mid-range Galaxy A50s delivers a lot of phone for a great price. Starting from the exterior, the paint-finish is truly unique.

Internally, the phone has in-display fingerprint scanner, triple cameras with the main one measuring at 48MP and a large 4,000 mAh battery!

Xiaomi K30

Xiaomi K30

Redmi is one series synonymous with great budget phones. After introducing the highly appreciated K20 Pro, the brand has come out with the K30. The phone runs Android 10 MIUI 11, carries dual front cameras as well as quad rear cameras along with a hefty 4500mAh battery. All in all, a great value for this price.

Hopefully you found this top picks list helpful, make sure to let us know which phone you decided to go with and also, don’t forget to subscribe to us on: InstagramFacebookTwitter and YouTube.

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