Vivo V17 vs Vivo V15: Specifications Comparison

This is our detailed comparison of the specifications and major features in our Vivo V17 vs Vivo V15 guide. Belonging to the same V series lineup, new V17 succeeds the older V15. Main differences between the two start with the exterior. Where Vivo V15 brought a pop-up front camera, the new V17 opts for an in-display camera solution. Further, the fingerprint sensor has been moved beneath the display as well. Its quite easy to identify the two phones physically but that’s not all that Vivo has changed, we have listed internal spec differences right ahead.

Surprisingly, Vivo has succeeded the V15 before a year’s time. Launched in March 2019, Vivo V17 has replaced V15 within 9 months. Despite the quick launch, Vivo V17 is looking like a great replacement. As highlighted before, there are a whole host of external and internal changes. If you are looking to make a decision between the two, you should consult our spec comparison ahead and find out what suits you better.

Vivo V17, Vivo V15, Comparison

Vivo V17 vs Vivo V15: Specifications

Looking for key differences with Vivo V17 vs Vivo V15? Here is a list of tech specs of both these phones:

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Vivo V17 vs Vivo V15: Specifications Comparison 1

Upgraded Camera System

While the whole phone has been largely revamped, the camera system is probably the most improved factor over last Vivo V15. The predecessor didn’t do well with night shots and had a low-resolution ultra-wide camera at the back. However, the new V17 carries a quad camera cluster on the rear with the main sensor being rated at 48 megapixels. Further, the software post-processing has been improved a lot as well for better Night Mode shots and overall, regular shots as well.

Vivo V17 comes with a very powerful Night Mode. And when we say “very powerful”, we really mean it. It can easily outperform a number of flagship Android phones with its low-light shots. This is how well the cameras on this phone have been improved.

There is a lot to talk about the cameras on this phone, so we will keep that for our full review of the Vivo V17.

In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

For a cleaner design and better ergonomics, Vivo V17 manages to pack in an in-display fingerprint scanner. While the scanner isn’t as fast as last year’s physical V15, the trade-off is still worth it given the ease of use and ‘cool’ factor.

Vivo V17 vs Vivo V15: Specifications Comparison 2

In-Display Front Camera

Vivo V15 carried a pop-up front camera to make for a notch-less front experience, keeping the tradition, Vivo V17 embeds the front camera within the front display itself like we have seen on other flagships. This removes the need for a pop-up motor and looks more pleasing as well.

Additional Storage, RAM

Vivo V17 now offers 128GB storage as base and comes with 8GB of RAM which is a solid 2GB improvement over V15.

Vivo V17 vs Vivo V15: Specifications Comparison 3

Improved Chipset

In exchange for MediaTek, V17 comes with Snapdragon 675 chipset. This processor is a great jumper over V15’s Helio P70 processor.

All in all, the upgrade has been quite substantial and if you are choosing between the two, the newer one is worth it! In this Vivo V17 vs Vivo V15 guide, we tried out best to bring forward the major changes in both these models. The key differences have been explained which should help you which Vivo flagship to buy, if you are looking to buy one.

And with this, we have our full review of the Vivo V17 coming up soon. We will put the phone to proper tests and see how well it performs as compared to its competitors. Camera is one strong points of this model, so that’s something we are really excited to try out and compare with other Android phones.

You can check out our Instagram account for some beautiful shots taken with the Vivo V17.

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