How to Enable Gesture Navigation on Huawei Y9s

Here is our complete tutorial explaining how users can try out and enable Gesture Navigation on Huawei Y9s. Despite running Android 9 Pie, Y9s has support for full system navigation through gestures. Rather than having a static three-button navigation pane at the bottom, users can opt for a more intuitive solution to navigate the phone — via gestures. Disabled by default, you have to find the exact setting in order to have gesture navigation and gladly, we have it all explained ahead.

Huawei runs its own software skin on top of Android, just like other popular Android manufacturers. Named as EMUI (Emotion UI), this skin overlay is quite detailed and comes with various proprietary features. Where skins do slow down performance in some cases, they also come with extended functionality which is otherwise absent from stock Android. A great example is gesture navigation. Introduced only in Android 10 by Google, Huawei allows users to enjoy it even on Android Pie. To activate gesture navigation on Huawei Y9s, follow the steps ahead.

Huawei Y9s, Gesture Navigation

Enable Gesture Navigation on Huawei Y9s

To make the tutorial easier to understand we have also added detailed screenshots.

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Step 1 – Open Settings app and scroll down till you see System option.

How to Enable Gesture Navigation on Huawei Y9s 1

Step 2 – Tap on System and then from the resulting options select System Navigation.

How to Enable Gesture Navigation on Huawei Y9s 2

Step 3 – You should see Gestures option listed up top, select it. By default, a tutorial will run explaining how to use the system gestures.

How to Enable Gesture Navigation on Huawei Y9s 3

Step 4 – That’s it! Return to home by swiping from the bottom to the middle of the screen.

There is a bit of a learning curve with gesture navigation. However, it is quite convenient once you get used to it. Further, if you want to return to standard button navigation, you can do that by again following the above steps and selecting Three-key navigation at the last step.

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