How to Enable Double Tap to Wake on Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 / Note 8 Pro

Here is a clever option that would let users wake their Redmi Note 8 / Note 8 Pro by simply a double tap. Through the steps ahead, enable double tap to wake feature and avoid pressing the power button to wake your phone. Perfect when the phone is lying flat on a desk, this functionality really brings convenience. Fortunately enough, to enable it, you don’t require any app installation or modification. Rather, it is just following the steps ahead and finding the built-in double tap to wake activation button.

Possible thanks to Xiaomi’s MIUI, the brand’s custom skin, these additional accessibility features are possible. And for phones competing in the mid-range such as Note 8 series, these value-additions matter that much more and customers really appreciate them. Rather than being enabled from default, Xiaomi has decided to let owners control double tap to wake.

Double Tap to Wake, Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 / Note 8 Pro

How to Enable Double Tap to Wake – Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 / Redmi Note 8 Pro

Before we begin, we would like to point out once again that this process does not require any modification or installation. Rather, it explains how to find the built-in toggle that can enable or disable double tap to wake feature.

Step 1 – Open up the Settings app.

How to Enable Double Tap to Wake on Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 / Note 8 Pro 1

Step 2 – Find the Display option and then tap on it.

Step 3 – From the next menu, you should see the Double Tap to Wake toggle. Tap it to activate.

How to Enable Double Tap to Wake on Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 / Note 8 Pro 2

That’s all to it! Test it out by locking your phone, waiting a few seconds and then double tapping the display, it should now wake up.

Disabling the feature requires you to go through the same steps. As it is built-in, no uninstallation or reset required for your Redmi Note 8 / Note 8 Pro.

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