Best Cases and Covers for Google Pixel 4

For Google Pixel 4 owners, here is our selection of all the best cases and covers available for the phone. Pixel 4 is looking up to be a great followup to Pixel 3 with improved internals as well as software. The price tag of Google Pixel 4 starts at $799 and it would cost you a fortune to get it fixed if you damage it because of the complicated hardware and very expensive OLED display. Keeping that in mind, a good case for Google Pixel 4 is a must-have to avoid damage. There is already a wide selection of cases available but we have listed what we think are best for Google Pixel 4. 

A drastic change from last iteration is Pixel 4’s new dual camera setup. Uniquely, Google has went with a large square camera bump on the rear to fit all the optical sensors. The main camera sensor is 12 megapixels (Dual-Pixel) and it is then combined with a 16MP telephoto sensor, capable of issuing 2x optical zoom — both modules also come with optical stabilization. While Pixel 3 carried mostly the same design as Pixel 2, this version is drastically different and hence the case designs have been modified to reflect that. View all the best Pixel 4 covers right ahead along with purchase links!

Google Pixel 4 Cases

Best Cases and Covers for Google Pixel 4

With the selection ahead, our goal was to shortlist a diverse lineup of cases that offer great protection while maintaining style. There is something listed for everyone!

Official Google Pixel 4 Case

Best Cases and Covers for Google Pixel 4 1

If you are looking for most different looking case for Google Pixel 4 then you should go for the official Google Pixel 4. It has a very soft microfiber with a lining texture. It has a cushioned like design to reduce the chances of damage. This case is available in four different colours. You can buy this case for $40 from Google’s official website.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case

Best Cases and Covers for Google Pixel 4 2

If you want to keep elegant design of Google Pixel 4 and want to protect it from getting damage, the you should buy the Spigen Liquid Crystal case. This case uses the Air Cushion Technology which reduces the chances of your Pixel 4 getting damaged. You are getting two in one with it’s transparent design will let you keep it’s default look and protect your phone at the same time. It is available on Spigen’s official store for $15.

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OtterBox Pixel 4 Symmetry

Best Cases and Covers for Google Pixel 4 3

There are very few companies that makes productive case for smartphones and Otterbox is one of the few. They have released the case for Google Pixel 4 from their Symmetry Series which is on the top of the line. The case is made from polycarbonate and synthetic rubber. It has very simple design but available in different colours. You can buy if for $50.95 from Otterbox’s official website.

UAG Monarch

Best Cases and Covers for Google Pixel 4 4

If you don’t mind a little ruggedness or bulkiness on your Google Pixel 4, the just go straight for UAG Monarch Series.. It is best for hard protection for any smartphone. The case has five layers of protection, including a top-grain leather, honeycomb traction grip, and impact-resistant core. It also provides great protection on the corners along with buttons. There also a protection surrounding the screen. It is available for $59.95 on UAG’s official store.

Olixar NovaShield

Best Cases and Covers for Google Pixel 4 5

If you are looking for budget case for Google Pixel 4 which provides you the good protection and you can also show off the design then Olixar NovaShield is the best. It provides you protection from bumps with a clear back side. You can get this case for only $16.99 from Olixar store.

Totallee Ultra Thin Case

Best Cases and Covers for Google Pixel 4 6

Totallee has designed a very effective case that will protect your Google Pixel 4 from scratches and bumps from the edges while trying to keep it’s original size not making it bulky. This is a pocket friendly ultra thin case which have a frosted glass look. You can also buy this case in solid black colour. It is available from the official store of Totallee for $29.

So these are our best pick for the latest Google Pixel 4. Let us know which case you liked the most. If you have any other option then drop them in the comment section below.

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