How to Watch Google Pixel 4 Event | Made by Google 2019

How to Watch Google Pixel 4 Event | Made by Google 2019 1

Google is officially unveiling its latest generation of Pixel phones, Pixel 4, later today and here is how you can watch the complete keynote live. While being heavily leaked, from its design to software internals, everyone is still waiting for the official keynote to solidify all the leaks and rumors. Pixel 4 will be the first phone in the Pixel lineup to adopt dual cameras. Further, Pixel 4 will also deviate from the similar design scheme that has been continuing from Pixel 2 — something many are looking forward to!

Pixel phones have really made a league of their own over the past few years, especially when Google replaced the Nexus name. From stock Android experience to great photography, Pixel devices have been the go-to for many enthusiasts and we are expecting Pixel 4 to continue the same legacy. You can tune in to watch the official keynote right ahead on YouTube.

Watch Google Pixel 4 / Pixel 4 XL Live Stream

How to Watch Google Pixel 4 Event Live Stream

You can watch the stream of the Google event here:

For users on Android or iOS devices, tap the following link to directly watch the Google event on your phone: #MadebyGoogle on YouTube

What to Expect from Made By Google 2019 Event?

The event is named as “Made by Google 2019” which states that, on top of the new Pixel phones, we would see updates in terms of other hardware as well. Google makes a whole host of hardware devices such as speakers, smart solutions and more so we are expecting various updates in addition to new phones. Speaking specifically about Pixel 4, the smartphones have already been leaked quite a lot and from those leaks, we are judging that the new phones will have, for the first time, dual cameras on the back. Further, upgraded internal hardware along with a drastic design change is also expected. Nonetheless, watch the keynote live to get all the details!

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