Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10+ / S10e One UI 2.0 Android 10 Beta Starts in South Korea

Samsung has finally started its Galaxy S10 One UI 2.0 Android 10 Beta program! Kicking off in South Korea, the brand is allowing users to take part in testing out official Android 10 update that is due to come at the end of this year as a final release or in the first quarter of 2020. Galaxy S10, being Samsung’s latest flagship, has gotten itself first dibs on Android 10. This Beta program, unfortunately for now, is only available for customers residing in South Korea.

Android 10 was initially finalized last month, in September. While other brands such as OnePlus have already beaten Samsung in releasing Android 10 for their phones, it is still good to see the company still striving for a quick Android 10 roll-out. With the new Android revision, Samsung is looking to overhaul its One UI skin and that in itself is a major task which is why the delay.

Samsung Galaxy S10, One UI 2.0, Android 10 Beta

One UI 2.0 Android 10 Beta for Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10e

Analyzing Samsung skins, they have improved so much over time! Going way back to TouchWiz, many users either loved it or hated it! Further, TouchWiz remained with Samsung devices for the longest time — starting with Galaxy S and going up-to Galaxy S6. To replace TouchWiz, Samsung Experience was introduced, this skin was more refined and well thought-out. However, it only enjoyed a short span of 2 years before being replaced with Samsung’s One UI! Till now, One UI has been the latest software skin based on Android Pie. It is currently running on all modern Samsung flagships. Fortunately, the brand is sticking with the skin for another year and will be further refining it under the name One UI 2.0 — based on Android 10.

This revised version should feel similar yet at the same time should carry noticeable updates and design changes. For South Korean users, they can start exploring all the new changes through the Beta program that has just been announced! More countries to follow and final update should be available within the next few months.

Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10+ / S10e One UI 2.0 Android 10 Beta Starts in South Korea 1

When to Expect One UI 2.0 for your Galaxy S10?

Samsung has officially announced One UI 2.0 Beta program for various countries including Germany and US. While the exact date is still unclear, through this South Korean announcement, we can assume that next week other countries will be receiving their respective programs as well. Once they do, we will be updating this article so keep a lookout!

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