T-Mobile Galaxy S9 / Galaxy S9+ Receive Camera Night Mode Software Update

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ owners who have bought their phones with T-Mobile are now finally getting Samsung’s dedicated camera Night Mode via a software update. Being pushed right now to supported devices, new firmware carries September 2019 security patch but more importantly, new Night Mode. If you are unfamiliar, through this additional mode in the camera app, your phone will be able to take much better low-light photos that are both brighter and have less noise.

Introduced first through Samsung’s Galaxy S10, Night Mode is the brand’s answer to better low-light shots. By combining multiple photos taken at different exposures, the phone’s software is able to come up with a singular well-lit shot! On top of this new addition, we are expecting bug-fixes and other improvements as well.

T-Mobile Galaxy S9, S9+ Night Mode

T-Mobile Galaxy S9 / Galaxy S9+ Camera Night Mode Update

Low-light photography has always been a problem for all phones. Only recently have seen brands come up with software solutions to increase quality. Thanks to better algorithms, despite dated hardware, phones can be updated with new software to take good low-light shots. Such is the case with Galaxy S9 series. As we detailed before, Night Mode is one major change with this update. We are expecting others as well so if you were noticing any bugs or glitches, we recommend you update your phone immediately.

Following are the exact software update build numbers for T-Mobile Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ carrying Night Mode.

Build Details:

  • G960USQU6CSI2
  • G965USQU6CSI2

To update, just go to Settings then scroll down and tap on Software Update, your phone should automatically search for new builds and this build should also pop-up. Tap on Download and install to confirm.

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