Download Google Camera 7.1 APK with Social Share, New UI

Google’s popular Camera app has been updated with new features and other refinements. To install it on your device, use this tutorial to download official Google Camera 7.1 APK. Over the course of last few years, Pixel phones have dominated the mobile photography scene — all thanks to the excellent post-processing made possible with the Camera app. Further, this camera app has been ported to various non-Pixel devices to improve their respective camera capabilities. Refining it even further, Google is introducing Camera 7.1 which will be standard on Pixel 4 and should come as an official update for older phones. To update manually as well as immediately, you can get the complete Google Camera 7.1 APK from ahead.

There are various noticeable changes with the updated Camera app. Starting with UI, it has been upgraded to be more pleasing and coherent. Social Share is a new function being introduced as well that lets users immediately share photos across various social / messaging platforms. For Pixel owners, to get all these new functions, simply download the complete APK from ahead, install it and enjoy Google Camera 7.1!

Google Camera 7.1 APK, Pixel 4
Download Google Camera 7.1 APK with Social Share, New UI 1

Download Pixel 4 Google Camera 7.1 APK

To get the new sound recording app running on your phone, you only need to download the APK and install it just like you would any normal Android APK file.

File: Google-Camera-71.apk
Size: 115.77MB

If you are unsure about installation, we have explained the steps ahead.

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How to Install Google Camera 7.1 App

Follow these steps to install Google Camera 7.1 on your Pixel phone. If you are running Google Camera on a non-Pixel device, this might not work!

Step 1 – Download the complete Pixel 4 sound recorder APK.

File: Google-Camera-71.apk
Size: 115.77MB

Step 2 – Go to your Downloads and tap on the APK file. Your phone should ask you to grant permission to install from unknown sources, grant it!

Step 3 – The app should install and now you can open it to utilize!

That’s all! You should now be able to utilize all the new Camera 7.1 features including new UI and Social Share. For more updates and news, be sure to catch us on our social channels: FacebookYouTube and Twitter

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