Download Google Pixel 4 Voice Recorder App for Android Phones

Here is the official voice recorder app from the Google Pixel 4 which you can directly download and install on your current phone. While still being unannounced, almost everything about upcoming Pixel 4 has leaked through. We have already looked at official Pixel 4 wallpapers, Pixel 4 live wallpapers, its complete exterior design and with this post, we will be covering a simple yet useful app from the phone, its stock Voice Recorder. The app is minimal, supports dark theme and works well on modern Android phones.

While your phone might already come with a voice recording app, you can still try out Pixel 4’s. The best part for us is the straight-forward approach of this app. With a single red button on the app’s homescreen, you can directly press it to start recording. All recorded files will then show up in a list within the app. The app uses a private listing method which doesn’t allow users to access voice notes from file manager which is great for privacy and security!

Download Pixel 4 Voice Recorder

Download Pixel 4 Voice Recorder APK

To get the new sound recording app running on your phone, you only need to download the APK and install it just like you would any normal Android APK file.

File: Pixel-4-VoiceRecorder.apk
Size: 28.68 MB

If you are unsure about installation, we have explained the steps ahead with screenshots.

How to Install Pixel 4 Voice Recorder App

Follow these steps to install Pixel 4 Sound Recorder on your phone. We tested this on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 which shows it works on non-Pixel phones.

Step 1 – Download the complete Pixel 4 sound recorder APK.

File: Pixel-4-VoiceRecorder.apk
Size: 28.68 MB

Step 2 – Go to your Downloads and tap on the APK file. Your phone should ask you to grant permission to install from unknown sources, grant it!

Download Google Pixel 4 Voice Recorder App for Android Phones 1

Step 3 – The app should install and now you can open it to utilize!

Download Google Pixel 4 Voice Recorder App for Android Phones 2

NOTE: To have the dark theme, click on the Three Dots icon from within the main screen and from there, tap on Choose Theme.

Download Google Pixel 4 Voice Recorder App for Android Phones 3

That’s all! Hopefully you enjoy using Pixel 4 Voice Recorder app and it works well on your device. For more updates and news, be sure to catch us on our social channels: FacebookYouTube and Twitter

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