Download Stock Pixel 4 / Pixel 4 XL Wallpapers

There are still weeks left till the official announcement of Google Pixel 4 / Pixel 4 XL but with this article, immediately download all Pixel 4 wallpapers for your device. Google’s upcoming 2019 Pixel phone has been heavily leaked. In fact, so much that the brand was forced to put up a confirmation photo of the back design on their twitter handle. Further, in a recent leak, it was revealed how the phone would look from the front and as the display was powered on, the leak also detailed the stock wallpapers. While the source files of the backgrounds haven’t directly been extracted, artists have recreated the design as close to the real deal as possible. We absolutely love these new Pixel 4 wallpapers and think you will appreciate them as well. 

Google’s upcoming flagship has loads of competition lined up: Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Huawei’s new Mate series phone and more. While last year, Google was able to win away customers with its amazing camera performance, especially Night Mode, this time it needs something even better to get sales. Nonetheless, till the phone arrives, here are all the wallpapers you can download immediately for your current device.

Pixel 4 Wallpapers

Pixel 4’s many features have been confirmed by Google and through leaks however, to get complete information, you would have to wait a little longer. Again, these wallpapers are recreations from a Pixel 4 video leak. Once Pixel 4 is officially announced, we will update this guide with any other backgrounds that we might have missed.

Download Google Pixel 4 Wallpapers

You can view all the leaked wallpapers of Google Pixel 4. They all have a resolution of 2160 × 4096 which is great for the aspect ratio of new generation Android phones.

If you want to download all the wallpapers at once, you can use the single ZIP file attached below.

File size: 2.24 MB

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