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Apple is holding its annual iPhone launch event today and there are two expected phones: new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro / Max. This year, it will be a number jump rather than a S release. Substantial redesign is expected along with improvements in hardware. Further, the new phone will carry iOS 13 as well which in itself has a lot to offer as detailed previously during WWDC 2019. There are loads of leaks floating around already, however, to get all the official information, you can tune in live and watch iPhone 11 live stream directly from your Android device with this guide.

Apple will be broadcasting the whole event live on YouTube which makes it easy to follow. Unlike past couple of years where Apple utilized its own codec that wasn’t available on all devices such as Android, this time, you can catch the whole event live directly on YouTube. Despite being Android fans, we are quite interested as what Apple has to offer and you can find out too when the event starts!

iPhone 11 Livestream, Launch Event

How to Watch Apple iPhone 11 Announcement Event Live Stream

Apple will be broadcasting the complete event on YouTube which means you can watch it directly on any device that supports the YouTube app such as your Android phone, tablet, gaming console or computer.

The event is set to start at 10AM PDT today, 10th September 2019. At exactly that time, the live stream will kick off.

iPhone 11 Keynote: What to Expect?

As it is clear this isn’t just a S release so we are expecting to see some major changes to the design. Further, we are expecting that Apple will focus quite heavily on the camera as the previous iPhone XS’s module, while being really great, wasn’t the best. Moreover, the colorful invitation as sent by Apple might be a hint at the more colors arriving to the phone, a new gradient colorway like on the Galaxy Note 10 or just a better display. Anyhow, all will be unveiled officially later today!

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