How to Enable Reverse Wireless Charging on Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10+ / S10e

Here is how you can charge devices directly from your Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ or Galaxy S10e using Reverse Wireless Charging functionality. Named as Wireless PowerShare, Samsung Galaxy S10 series comes with a handy function that makes the phone act like a wireless charging pad. This is perfect to charge accessories such as the Galaxy Buds or even share your juice with other phones. To avoid power-loss and unnecessary strain, this feature is turned off when not in use and to utilize it, it first needs to be enabled. Ahead we have explained how to enable Reverse Wireless Charging on Samsung Galaxy S10 series phones.

As the number of accessories that require charging has grown along with the battery capacity of phones, it became quite logical to find a way to use the phone’s battery to charge accessories. Rather than using cables, engineers thought, wireless charging was the best answer. Further, wireless charging feature can be extended to numerous devices without worrying about compatibility except for wireless charging support. Continue ahead to read up on all the steps required to use reverse wireless charging.

Enable Reverse Wireless Charging, Wireless PowerShare, Galaxy S10

How to Enable Reverse Wireless Charging / Wireless PowerShare on Samsung Galaxy S10 Series

These are the steps you would need to implement to have Reverse Wireless Charging on your phone.

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Step 1 – From any screen, pull down the Notification panel.

Step 2 – Now, scroll through the top buttons and find Wireless PowerShare icon. It should be a battery symbol with a horizontal arrow pointing to the right. If you don’t find it, just select the menu icon and reorder the buttons.

Step 3 – To turn on reverse wireless charging, tap on the Wireless PowerShare icon.

Step 4 – Now, grab the device you want to charge, flip your Galaxy S10 over and just place the other device on the back.

Step 5 – Once the charging is complete, you can go back and disable Wireless PowerShare.

That’s pretty much all to it! Convenient, right? The charging speeds aren’t groundbreaking but that is expected from a phone that isn’t a dedicated charger. Further, when reverse wireless charging, you wont be able to use your phone as you would have to place it upside down on a flat surface. The phone will remain powered on but you won’t have access to the screen.

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