Does FaceApp Collect Personal Information?

FaceApp is absolutely not a recent app, but it has recently been brought up to the main stage. This app can transform, using AI models, a portrait to different age points or alter artificially, the gender, or even style of the face. In recent days, there are thousands of examples floating around on social media which speaks to the success of FaceApp. However, there have been growing concerns as to how FaceApp is handling all the data and pictures it is collecting.

Whatever the reason, the phenomenon is global and it must be said that the results are often very impressive. Artificial intelligence has improved the result since the first versions of this app, which already existed at the beginning of the Play Store, but which offered a very bland result. This is much better today hence why so many users are utilizing it. However, what the app is doing with the pictures it is collecting is quite concerning.

FaceApp Personal Information

Owners of the app have previously stated that user photos are deleted off of their servers, but there isn’t any way to check on this, and users don’t have the ability to delete their own data.

Contrary to what some have said, FaceApp does not recover all the images stored on your smartphone on its servers without your permission. Nevertheless, the transformation is carried out on the servers of its designers, not on your iPhone or Android smartphone. When you choose a portrait in the photo library of your device, the image is put online, modified and then retrieved locally. FaceApp never indicates in its interface that this process is not done locally. Moreover, we do not know what happens next when the images are processed, but it seems that the company keeps all the photos sent to them. In the app’s terms and conditions of service, it is clearly stated that the processed images can be used by FaceApp without your agreement for any use, and without remuneration. Clearly, the portraits you send may end up in an advertisement or on the site without your agreement and you will not be able to do anything. FaceApp is a fun app, but think twice before using it on your photos, or worse on other people’s portraits without their agreement.

One of the more significant concerns is in its reference to the privacy policy. It allows the company to use usernames, likenesses, and users in commercial dealings. It’s also not GDPR compliant and using fairly broad language. Again though, this isn’t uncommon with privacy policies. You can either agree to what is involved in them and use the service, or not. They specifically outline collecting information you provide them directly, Analytics information, cookies, log file information, device identifiers, and metadata.

Overall it’s worth remembering that the app itself isn’t dangerous to use; at least it isn’t intrinsically more hazardous than the social media sites most people use every day. The major privacy concerns stem from uploading your face to a Russian owned company. For now, it doesn’t seem like anything particularly untoward is going on, but it’s still worth investigating if you want to be in control of your privacy on the internet. This means checking out the privacy policy for yourself before uploading your face to an app, even if the filters are pretty cool.


The FaceApp does collect some of the data from you just to process the photo but does not save all of your data. It’s like uploading a photo on Facebook.

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