Sprint Galaxy S10 Receiving New Night Mode Camera Update

Sprint Galaxy S10 users are now finally receiving a new software update that comes packed with improvements including an updated camera Night Mode. Initially we saw these changes arrive for the global Galaxy S10 variant, back in May. However, only now, are users in US starting to get the new software changes. If you have a Sprint Galaxy S10, you should go to settings app and check for new updates immediately!

As Samsung is readying for upcoming Galaxy Note 10 launch, the brand is still focused on providing quality software updates to existing devices. At launch, while many customers were happy with the overall package, camera performance was majorly critiqued on the Galaxy S10. To address, Samsung has diligently worked on the software especially the Night Mode to provide better performance, and it shows with this update firmware!

Spring Galaxy S10, Night Mode Camera Update

Sprint Galaxy S10 Night Mode Camera Update

Made quite prominent through Pixel, Night Mode is quite a large growing trend that more and more Android phone manufacturers are adopting. Basically, through software, Night Mode allows for amazing night shots through any camera hardware. Further, as the mode is software dependent, it can be improved gradually rather than hardware which is fixed when the phone is built.

Update Build Code: SQUASG8

Once installed, users would be able to experience higher-quality photos and overall better camera performance. Also, while the change in the camera department is important, this firmware brings other improvements such as better performance, security and reliability.

To get the update running on your phone, go to the Settings app and then towards About Phone. From there, tap on Check for Updates. This procedure will only work if you are running stock firmware with no system modification such as root or custom ROM. Plus, as software updates are rolled out in phases, the update might take few days to reach your device so check back later as well.

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