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On modern phones, there is this one hardware feature that many users miss – Notification LED. All recent devices have either resorted to Always-on-Display technology that displays more information than a simple notification light or no alternative at all. To address this, there is a clever little app which was originally developed on a OnePlus device that mimics a true hardware notification LED. Once your phone is locked, the app lights up a little circle on the screen without turning the whole display on. As a smartphone display supports all colors, the notification LED made with this procedure can be fine tuned to any color option.

The app, as it relies on the display, is best for smartphones with AMOLED / OLED panels. Lighting up only a certain part of the display while leaving the rest turned off is not possible on LCD but that doesn’t make this app incompatible with non-LED phones rather it would just take a small hit on the LCD phone’s battery. You can read ahead on how to add notification LED on your phone.

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Add Notification LED using NotifyBuddy

To add notification LED functionality, we will be using NotifyBuddy app which is available directly through the Play Store and doesn’t require root or any system modification to work!

Step 1 – Download NotifyBuddy from Play Store.

Step 2 – Open the app and grant it all the permissions it requires.

Step 3 – Within the app, there will be different categories of installed applications. Find the ones for which you want to be notified with the LED>

Step 4 – Once enabled, you can customize the LED light, timing and more from within the app.

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That’s it! You should have successfully configured NotifyBuddy on your phone and now you can catch up on notifications through a simple LED on your device.

For burn-in protection, the app has protection integrated within. Basically, it slightly moves the light position from one to the other.

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