How to Change Instagram Font Style for Captions, Bio and Comments

Use this guide to change font style on Instagram app. Instagram is one of the most famous photo and video-sharing social networking services. Most of its users are always in a hustle to increase their followers. In order to engage more people and make their content more attractive, some people customize the text in their Instagram bio, captions and comments. We all know that Instagram has a lot of filters to edit photos and videos making them look more interesting. However, the app doesn’t allow much customization for text content. So, if you want to escape the default boring Instagram font style then do give this guide a read.

Instagram font generators are actually utility tools. They allow you to change font styles for Instagram. In addition to that, they also allow for use of fancy fonts in Instagram posts, bios, and almost everywhere to make your Instagram Profile more eye-catching. These generators make it easy for you to use custom text styles on Instagram, helping you to make your posts stand out from the crowd. So, today, in this article we are going to jot down 5 Best Instagram Font Generators. Before heading to that, you need to understand how these custom fonts work. The app doesn’t support Instagram Font Creators. Now the question arises that how it works then?? For that, you need to understand Unicode.

Change Font, Instagram App

Unicode is an international standard. It deals with encoding, decoding, and representation of text in digital devices. So what actually happens is that Instagram font generators convert your text into a bunch of symbols. These symbols work on almost every digital device. In this way, the font generators help you choose from the variety of symbols from Unicode characters as per the text you have entered.

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Best Instagram Font Generators

1. ig Fonts

How to Change Instagram Font Style for Captions, Bio and Comments 1

It is one of the most popular Instagram font generators available for desktop and mobile. It allows you to change Old English Font that you enter into the desired text. Furthermore, pressing the button allows you to see the variety of available fonts as well. It provides the option of hundreds of fonts. Some of them are bold, Italic while others are fancy. They also present a few font combinations as well as Insta Font With Colors.  You can also make font Awesome with both text and emojis. The interface of this Instagram Fonts is quite simple. Loading More Fonts allow you to find amazing fonts that you really want. After doing so, you can go and copy-paste the font on Instagram.

2. Instagram Font

How to Change Instagram Font Style for Captions, Bio and Comments 2

If you want to have a fancier set of Instagram fonts, then this is certainly the best option. This font generator also comes with an amazing user interface, which is way more cleaner than the previous one. Instagram Fonts Generator also shows you the same text in different fonts whenever you enter the text. It also allows you to bring in some emojis if you want. However, it does have a compatibility issue. The bad part is that some characters in the description do not display correctly on screen. However, when you copy-paste characters, they are being displayed in the correct manner.

3. Fonts for Instagram

How to Change Instagram Font Style for Captions, Bio and Comments 3

Fonts for Instagram offers you a limited set of fonts. By using this, you can copy and paste the text on the screen blindfolded and expect it to work. According to me, it is a great option if you are looking for a minimal collection of functional fonts. This is a fine option to be used but doesn’t provide a large variety of fonts so one can get easily bored.

4. Fontify (Android Only)

How to Change Instagram Font Style for Captions, Bio and Comments 4

Fontify is an Android app that helps in generating Instagram fonts. It has the best UIs that allows you to choose the right font according to your needs. The best part about this is that it allows you to copy the text in the selected font which is the best way to use multiple fonts in the same text. Moreover, Fontify is native and doesn’t consume many resources from your device. It not only allows to use the custom-font text on just Instagram but also on WhatsApp and Facebook. It only works on Android devices.

How to Change Font on Instagram

If you are Using a Website (Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac)

  • Enter the text you want to convert into a Font Generator or copy it from anywhere.
  • Paste it (You can convert one piece of text to one font only at a time)

If you are using an App (Android)

  • Choose the font you want or type the text in any Font Generator app.
  • Once you’re done, you can copy and paste everything to Instagram.

I have jotted down the best available font generators for you people. According to me, these are some of the most effective ways to generate fonts for Instagram. So, if you want to make your profiles cooler than use any of these suitable ones. Each one has some pros and cons. For example, some apps allow you to bring the text directly to Instagram and other apps.

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