How to Enable One Handed Mode on MIUI 10

As phones continue to come with even larger displays, MIUI 10 offers an easy solution to allow users to navigate their devices using one-hand. While large displays have benefits such as increased screen real-estate and better immersion when viewing content, they however lack one hand usability. To address this, Xiaomi has equipped a feature within MIUI 10 called One-handed mode that can be activated to minimize the complete screen to one side of the display allowing for full manipulation through a single hand.

As using one-handed mode all the time would mean wasting all the screen real estate, you can simply enable one-handed mode in Settings and then utilize a simple gesture to activate it when needed. Further, the gesture itself is designed in a way that you can execute without using both hands. Ahead, we have attached the complete procedure on how to enable one-handed mode on MIUI 10.

Enable One-Handed Mode on MIUI 10

The great thing about this procedure is, you don’t need any sort of installation or modification to the system, everything is pre-installed.

Step 1 – Open up Settings app and browse down till you see Additional Settings.

How to Enable One Handed Mode on MIUI 10 1

Step 2 – Within the new options, you should see One-handed mode, tap on it.

How to Enable One Handed Mode on MIUI 10 2

Step 3 – Here, enable the One-handed mode setting and choose your minimized screen size. For us, 4.0 inch is a great midway option.

How to Enable One Handed Mode on MIUI 10 3

Step 4 – Now, whenever you want to use your phone with one hand, just swipe from home button horizontally to the other button. Depending on which way you swipe, the screen will be minimized in that corner.

That’s all there is to it! You should now be able to use one-handed mode on your MIUI 10 device with just a simple swipe. To go back, either do a reverse swipe or simply tap on the empty black space.

If you ran into problems, reach us through the comments, we will gladly help out!

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