How to Enable Navigation Gestures on MIUI 10

Here is exactly how to enable navigation gestures on MIUI 10. Just like other Android Pie skins, the new MIUI 10 from Xiaomi comes with an option to navigate solely using gestures. In exchange for using static buttons at the bottom, users can opt for more intuitive, natural gestures to perform the same tasks. Once enabled, screen space will be freed up as static navigation buttons at the bottom would be removed.

Introduced by Google, in Android Pie, navigation gestures are a new approach meant to simplify daily phone usage. Rather than having to press buttons, these gestures work seamlessly across the complete display. For us, we switched to these as soon as we got our device — read our complete Xiaomi Redmi 7 review. Further, Xiaomi has modified standard gestures a bit on its MIUI 10 skin to be more simplified and easy to learn.

Enable Navigation Gestures, MIUI 10

How to Enable Navigation Gestures on MIUI 10

We will be using built-in settings to switch to navigation gestures on MIUI 10. No installation or modification required for this procedure.

Step 1 – Open Settings app and browse down till you see Full screen display option.

MIUI 10 Settings

Step 2 – Tap on it and from here, select Full screen gestures.

MIUI 10 System Navigation

Step 3 – Once you enable, the phone would ask if you want to learn them, we recommend you go through this. If not, we are describing each ahead anyways.

MIUI 10 Learn Gestures

How Gestures Work?

To Navigate to Home Screen

MIUI 10 Notes app

With gestures enabled, simply swipe up from bottom to about half way and release. This will take you back to home screen and basically replace the home button.

To Go Back

Either from left edge or right edge, swipe to the middle of screen horizontally and let go. This will take you one step back just as the back button.

To View Recents

How to Enable Navigation Gestures on MIUI 10 3

Similar to navigating to home screen, for recents, just swipe up from bottom to the middle of the display and pause for a bit. This will automatically open the recents menu on your MIUI 10.

That’s all to it! Hopefully you found these navigation gestures quite intuitive and useful. For more helpful tips on MIUI 10 and other Android phones, make sure to stay tuned!

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