How to Show / Hide App Drawer on Realme C2

For a more clean home-screen, this guide explains how to enable app drawer on Realme C2. Rather than just sticking with one style, Realme’s ColorOS 6 has a strong focus on customization. With this specific skin overlay, users can easily switch between either having all apps displayed on their home-screen or go for a more traditional look that hides apps within an app drawer. App drawer approach is vastly common on Android phones so if you are used to it, here is how to configure your Realme C2.

Realme is a relatively new brand that has been producing some amazing value phones. In addition to great hardware, Realme phones come with ColorOS which is originally developed by Oppo. Due to this skin overlay, phones such as the Realme C2 enjoy extended amounts of customization. Be it modifying icons or changing navigation buttons, you can even configure how apps are shown on your Realme C2 as we will show in this detailed guide.

Realme C2

NOTE: This post is part of our series of Huawei P30 tips and tricks. For more such tips, check out our Realme C2 Features section.

How to Enable App Drawer on Realme C2

Realme C2 running ColorOS requires the following procedure to be implemented in order to show or hide the app drawer.

Step 1 – Browse to your phone’s homescreen. From here, long press at any blank spot. A menu should appear, from there, tap Settings.

Enable App Drawer

Step 2 –  Once you tap, a new window will open and the first option should be Home Screen Mode. Click on it.

How to Show / Hide App Drawer on Realme C2 1

Step 3 – The resulting menu will display two options. One would be Standard Mode where there is no app drawer whereas, the other one called Drawer Mode has the app drawer.

How to Show / Hide App Drawer on Realme C2 2

Step 4 – Choose whatever you like. Once set, just press home and the changes should be reflected. On Realme C2, there is no app drawer button, you just have to swipe up from the icon dock.

That’s all to it! Now you should be able to easily switch between drawer mode and standard mode on your Realme C2.

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