Top Cases and Covers for OnePlus 7 Pro Protection

Picking covers for your phone is always tricky but thankfully, a variety of cases are available for the OnePlus 7 Pro: Thin, Rugged, Leather, Wallet, Transparent, and more. Check out the list below to find out which one suits your needs the best. Considering the fact that OnePlus 7 Pro has curved edges, a really narrow metal frame and overall glass texture which is really slippery, it definitely needs a case for protection against falls and regular wear. Covering different styles and looks, check out the list below to find the best available OnePlus 7 Pro cases.

Speaking of OnePlus 7 Pro, it comes powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 SoC, which comes teamed with up to 12GB RAM, 256GB UFS 3.0 storage and a 4,000mAh battery complete with Warp Charge 30, which means the 7 Pro can juice from empty to 50 per cent in 20 minutes.Elsewhere, the device sports Dolby Atmos stereo speakers, an all-new Haptic Vibration motor and Google’s Android 9 Pie topped with OxygenOS, which on the 7 Pro adds an improved Gaming Mode and ‘Zen Mode’, which allows you to lock the device for 20 minutes. The OnePlus 7 Pro will also be available in a 5G variant later in the year, which will be made available exclusively on EE. If you are looking to protect your OnePlus 7 Pro, find the best covers for it ahead.

OnePlus 7 Pro Cases / Covers

Top OnePlus 7 Pro Cases Collection

Trying to cover all options, here are the best cases we handpicked for OnePlus 7 Pro specifically. There is no particular order to the list.

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Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Top Cases and Covers for OnePlus 7 Pro Protection 1

This case is all about the Rugged Armor feature and its intense protection. But we suggest this case because Spigen is a good brand with very good quality cases specifically for protection. So go for this case if you’re looking for a balance of protection and reliability. 

Olixar Ultra-Thin Case

Top Cases and Covers for OnePlus 7 Pro Protection 2

This case fits like a second skin. A rather pretty and thin second skin too. Made from high-quality flexible silicone, this case has been custom-molded for the OnePlus 7 pro.

OnePlus Protective Case Karbon

Top Cases and Covers for OnePlus 7 Pro Protection 3

This case is all about sustaining your OnePlus 7 Pro’s performance and looks. It’s been weaved with special fibers to provide your phone with enhanced shock, high temperature, and corrosion resistance. The Karbon case is the perfect glove. It keeps your phone slim and offers a fairly decent grip which this particular phone desperately needs.

OnePlus Protective Case Sandstone

Top Cases and Covers for OnePlus 7 Pro Protection 4

The textured grip offered by the Sandstone variant is exceptional. You will understand what we mean when you hold the phone with this case on. Remember how Spiderman’s web sticks to walls? This is the closest we can come to describing how firm the grip is.

OnePlus Bumper Case Karbon

Top Cases and Covers for OnePlus 7 Pro Protection 5

The bumper edges of this Karbon case are basically a reinforced level of protection for your phone. They work together with the outer shell shields to protect your phone from any direct damage. If you are prone to dropping your phone or simply paranoid since the cost of screen replacement (that could get you a decent budget phone) this one comes highly recommended from us.

The original OnePlus cases in Karbon and Sandstone are the ones that we liked the most. But we understand that you may be looking for something specific in mind. Hopefully, you’ll have found it here from all the options we listed!

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