Watch OnePlus 7 Pro Launch Event Live Stream

For 2019, OnePlus is all set to launch its new OnePlus 7 series of phones. For the first time, the brand will be launching two phones at a single event. One will be called OnePlus 7 whilst the other would be OnePlus 7 Pro. As naming schemes go, the Pro variant is expected to come with better overall hardware. Further, this improvement will also bring a spike in price which, previously, OnePlus has always played to its advantage. Both new phones will be introduced later today — May 14th — and are expected to arrive in stores quite soon after.

OnePlus has been hyping the new phone release for weeks now. The brand has even gone far enough to confirm few key hardware details for the upcoming phone such as triple cameras, industry-leading display and also latest-gen Snapdragon processors. Whilst details like pricing and availability are still uncertain, fans have a vague idea as to what is to come. OnePlus 7 Pro launch will happen in New York starting at 11AM PDT. Partner events in UK and India will also be occurring simultaneously.

OnePlus 7 Pro, Live Stream

Watch OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro Launch Event Live Stream

For schedule, as mentioned, the launch will start at 11AM EDT in New York. Brand openly sold tickets for the event so fans can attend the event live but if you are not in New York or you didn’t get the ticket, you can tune in live for the official Launch Event live stream attached below.

OnePlus, after concluding its main event, would also be holding regional launch events as well in major markets.

OnePlus 7 Pro Rumors and What to Expect

OnePlus 7 launch will bring forth a major revamp to the older 6T and 6. As this is a number jump, it wont be just refinements and performance enhancements. New to OnePlus 7 would be triple cameras, a high-refresh rater display, bigger batter, minimal bezels and enhanced performance. Also, the phone will feature new UFS 3.0 storage along with HDR10+ certification.

We are really looking forward to the official OnePlus 7 launch! We would be covering the event in detail on our site as well so stay tuned for that.

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