Google Pixel 3a to get Official Software Updates till 2022

Recently Pixel 3a series was introduced at Google I/O 2019 and with this release, Google has added an affordable member to the Pixel family. Further, during launch, official software support period was announced as well for Google Pixel 3a. It can easily be guaranteed that new Pixel series phone will get updated to new versions of Android which includes Android Q (on its way this year), R, and S — next version letters, from alphabet sequence.

Google has confirmed some bad news regarding Pixel 3a not supporting the VR platform dubbed Daydream and the reason is the hardware itself. Google Pixel 3a has been encountering frame-rate issues that make it incompatible with virtual reality platforms. Despite this, there are many positive aspects to consider regarding Pixel 3a. The phones come with great software support and the amazing part is, these devices are going to receive official Android firmware updates till May 2022.

Google Pixel 3a, Software Update Schedule

Google Pixel 3 Official Updates & Support Periods

HandsetAndroid Version Updates tillSecurity Updates tillTelephone/Online Support till
Pixel 3a XLMay 2022May 2022May 2022
Pixel 3aMay 2022May 2022May 2022
Pixel 3 XLOctober 2021October 2021October 2021
Pixel 3October 2021October 2021October 2021

Android Q Beta is already available for both Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL while we can expect Android R and Android S to arrive in the coming years. As Android version updates for Pixel 3a stay till May 2022, the handset is expected to go through a lot of change and a ton of new OS and features. As for the coming year, improving security and waiting for Android Q stable version is going to be the current agenda with Pixel 3a phones.

Check out how to install Android Q Beta on Pixel phones:

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