Samsung Galaxy S10 gets Call & Message Continuity for Galaxy Tab S5e

Samsung Galaxy S10 series has been in the news for quite some time, all thanks to its features and the continuous software support it has been receiving. A new update has been launched by Samsung for the phone which brings in a new feature called Call & Message Continuity. Sounds amazing, right? Basically, if you own both devices, you can mirror calls and messages from your Galaxy S10 to your Galaxy Tab S5e after installing this update.

Call and Message Continuity lets you continue your conversation from any device if the same user is signed in on both. For example, you left your Samsung Galaxy S10 within your room and you’re downstairs, you receive a call or a message and rather than going upstairs you can pick up the call or reply through your Samsung Tab S5e — quite convenient!

Samsung Galaxy S10, Call & Message Continuity

Samsung Call & Message Continuity Feature

Samsung showed off Continuity last year and it seemed quite practical! Thankfully the functionality is now making its way to the latest Galaxy S10 series phones. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, AT&T and Verizon Samsung Galaxy S10 users have been left out from this feature. Hopefully, a future update will carry it. Customers who bought unlocked Galaxy S10 or with Sprint, T-Mobile can enjoy Continuity through the new update. Further, Samsung tablets other than Galaxy Tab S5e seem to be left out as well.

Samsung Galaxy S10 has been going through slight issues lately but this feature might be able to cheer up the audience as many features are on the way. Google already tried to bring this feature through its Messages for Web solution which allows users to send and receive text messages from the web and not going through the hassle of picking up the phone.

Tell us in the comments if you’ve experienced the latest feature of Call & Messaging Continuity with your Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Tab S5e?

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