LG G8 US Pre-Orders at AT&T, Sprint Start Tomorrow – T-Mobile, Verizon Later

LG will now be taking pre-orders for its new LG G8 ThinQ flagship phone, starting tomorrow March 29th. LG has been consistent with its flagship releases over the past years. For loyal users, the G series phone still proves to be remarkable value while maintaining a great design outlook as well. For G8 ThinQ, the highlight is its Air Motion which gives users a new way to interact with the phone. Further, being a 2019 flagship, G8 boasts some top-notch internals such as Snapdragon 855 chipset. To get yours, US networks AT&T and Sprint beginning pre-orders starting tomorrow while T-Mobile and Verizon will accept afterwards.

LG G8, as we mentioned, boasts a Snapdragon 855 that is accompanied by 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. For display, it has a 6.1 inch panel along with a considerably large notch that houses essential sensors for its Air Motion technology. Rather than utilizing an in-screen fingerprint scanner, LG is sticking with its traditional, rear-facing capacitive module which has been proven to be quite reliable and fast in older models. Optically, there is a 3 camera array on the back and dual on the front. Further, carrying audio superiority, G8 ThinQ will feature a 3.5 mm headphone jack with 32-bit/192kHz audio, DTS: X Surround Sound and also active noise cancellation. For audiophiles, this is the flagship to get!

LG G8 Pre-Orders, United States

LG G8 Pre-Orders in US – AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon

The pricing to for LG G8 starts at $840 — unlocked. However, with pre-order deals, trade-ins and other offers, customers can gain multiple discounts and rebates. Interestingly, AT&T and Sprint will begin taking pre-orders starting tomorrow. This is ahead of both Verizon and T-Mobile. We have listed pricing and availability details for each ahead.

In store, you should expect to see LG G8 available on April 12th. Amazon and other retailers will hopefully carry the new LG flagship.


Customers will be able place pre-orders as early as tomorrow, March 29th with AT&T. Once booked, G8 ThinQ will be delivered within 5 business days. For a unique offer, the network is providing credits of upto $829.99 dollars across a 30-month plan. This is surely quite enticing as it basically covers up the cost of the phone.

Pre-Order LG G8 with AT&T


Pre-Order LG G8 at Sprint

Following competition, Sprint will accept orders for LG G8 tomorrow as well. There are leasing opportunities (with option to own) through Sprint. With a 18-month lease and additional 6 monthly payments to own, customers can get the phone for $570.

Pre-Order LG G8 through Sprint


For Verizon, the network will only take orders beginning from April 1. It will be providing up to $1000 rebates on G8. There are multiple different options of getting the device on a monthly plan.

Pre-Order LG G8 with Verizon


At the end, T-Mobile will accept bookings from April 5 for G8. The network will provide a $200 discount at the start for its customers. Also, to get credited in billing, customers can trade in their current smartphones as well.

Pre-Order LG G8 through T-Mobile

This has been a detailed look at all the pre-order options available to purchase new LG G8 in America / United States.

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