Samsung Galaxy S10 Secret Codes

In this guide we have listed all Samsung Galaxy S10 secret codes which, when executed, would allow you to perform certain advanced tasks. Usually, all phones have built-in secret codes that are programmed by their manufacturers that can perform different operations. For the new Galaxy S10 series which includes Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10 Plus, similar is the case. There are integrated secret dialer codes that only let you run diagnostic test on your phone but also initiate other functions. Ahead, we have listed all applicable codes on Galaxy S10 series. and have sorted them into logical categories.

Samsung introduced a new ultrasonic, in-screen fingerprint reader which is snappy and superior than facial recognition or optical fingerprint scanning available on competing devices. Apart from the new fingerprint sensor, high-end Galaxy S10 Plus also ships with 3 cameras on the rear and two in the front which makes total of 5 cameras. In this article, however, we would not be going through further details rather we will list out all Secret Codes of Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10E. To implement these codes, you just need to bring up your dialer app and enter the appropriate number sequence.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Secret Codes

Secret codes are usually hidden on most Android Smartphones. They are there for technicians to diagnose as well access system functions quickly. In few cases, these codes also let you access few functions which are not available in the stock UI.

Before implementing these codes, you have to be cautious because it’s always risky to play with secret codes without knowing what it will do to your phone.

Samsung Secret Codes

To make it easier to reference, we have categorized codes into headings. Again, to implement them, just enter the exact code within the Dialer app.

Restart Codes for Samsung Galaxy S10:

These codes will restart your Galaxy S10. You may be stuck in a scenario where you are only able to open up your Dialer app. This is when you can use these codes to restart your phone and fix it.

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System Control Codes for Samsung Galaxy S10:

Following codes are used to manage the system functions. These functions are hidden settings that allow you to alter some phone features and check their settings. These are not useful to the common user that is why they are hidden deep inside Android and can only be accessible using the following secret codes on the Samsung Galaxy S10.

[table id=48 /]

Samsung Galaxy S10 Secret Codes for Phone Information:

There are several Android apps available on the Google Play Store that show you detailed information about your phone, but there is also a hidden Android secret code that works with the Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10+ / S10e for the same functionality. You can be entirely sure that these codes will most certainly always give you the correct information about your phone.

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Secret Codes for Testing Samsung Galaxy S10:

These codes ahead can be utilized to test and diagnose complete hardware of the phone.

If you think your Samsung Galaxy S10 is not functioning properly or you may be notice an issue with the hardware of the phone, you can use the following codes to test things.

[table id=50 /]

Secret Network Codes for Samsung Galaxy S10:

If you fancy playing around with the network related options built inside Android, here are some secret codes that would let you execute communication and carrier network related functions.

[table id=51 /]

Secret Codes for Firmware and Entering Service Mode

You can get the accurate most information related to the installed firmware. This is particularly useful before installing a custom ROM or updating to a different firmware build.

[table id=52 /]

Secret Codes to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S10

Looking to factory reset and erase date on your Galaxy S10? You can use the following codes to execute those functions without getting into the recovery mode or anywhere else.

[table id=53 /]

Secret Codes for Debugging Samsung Galaxy S10:

These codes relay information related mainly to software for debugging. The following secret codes are helpful when you want to debug a software issue on the device.

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Did we miss something? Let us know if there are any other secret Android codes out there that work with the Samsung Galaxy S10. We might have missed out on a few.

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