Sprint Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8 Upgraded to Android Pie with One UI

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Sprint Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 8 devices are now receiving new Android Pie firmware. Weeks after international unlocked variants got updated, Sprint has followed suit to provide the upgrade for its US customers. Samsung always had a heavy skin on its phones which it strapped over Android. While this did make Samsung devices unique and sometimes, carry innovative features which Android lacked, it also meant for a quite delayed upgrade time. Unfortunately, the latter case remains true to this day. However, on the bright side, much awaited Android Pie is here for Sprint customers and users can finally experience latest software on their devices.

For changes, there are a whole lot when it comes to Samsung official Android Pie firmware. Starting with One UI, each part of the OS has been modified to make larger phones such as Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 usable with a single hand. Furthermore, performance has been considerably improved and users should be able to notice the change right away. New Android version also means access to better and more optimized apps that make use of newer APIs. To get Android Pie on your Sprint phone, you can use the built-in OTA system.

Sprint Galaxy S8, Note 8 - Android Pie

Sprint Galaxy S8, Note 8 Android Pie Official Update

For Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus and Note 8, this update marks the second major software upgrade released for the devices after the initial jump from Nougat to Oreo. Also, this update carries latest security patch of March 2019 which should help increase reliability of the phone.

Sprint Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8 Upgraded to Android Pie with One UI 1

To check for the update on your Sprint phone, make sure you have stock firmware installed. If you have rooted your device, installed a custom ROM or custom recovery, your phone would not be eligible for the OTA. However, if you are running stock firmware, you can simply go to the Settings app, go to Software Update menu and then check for updates. Hopefully, Android Pie update pops up and you can download it right away.

The update, being major, is considerably large in size and would take considerable time to install so make sure you do it when your phone is charged and can go off the network — during the update process, device can’t be used normally.


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