ColorOS 6 Update Schedule (Oppo & Realme)

Built for Oppo and Realme phones, ColorOS 6 is an upcoming major software upgrade that is set to arrive on a variety of devices. For majority of consumers, value focused phones offer all the necessary features and functions a modern phone is expected to carry. Specializing in this department, Oppo and Realme are two brands that provide some of the best value phones. While the hardware is just part of the story, software is equally as important. With upcoming ColorOS 6, Oppo and Realme users would be able to experience Android Pie along with a more refined overlaying skin. Read ahead to get the complete update schedule for your phone and see when will your device get updated to ColorOS 6.

After testing Realme 2 Pro and Oppo R17 Pro, we have found ColorOS to be quite a fun take on Android. The colorful icons and different gesture support for pulling up shortcuts do make it unique. With new ColorOS, that all will be carried forward but with major refinements. The UI should see a more material-esque design scheme and same goes for the inbuilt apps. Thankfully, there is a deadline on the launch of ColorOS 6 on supported phones and we have listed that right ahead.

ColorOS 6 Update Schedule

ColorOS 6: Key Features

Apart from the changed UI and upgrade to Android 9.0 Pie, Oppo has integrated some features of its own. To start off, there would be a number of boost options available to users to enhance performance. There is game boost, which when activated, should yeild increased frame-rates on phones along with better touch responsiveness. Further, there are System Boost and App Boost available as well. Each of these would let users make their device perform extensively better.

ColorOS 6 Update Schedule (Oppo & Realme) 1

ColorOS 6 Update Schedule for Oppo and Realme Phones

ColorOS 6 will make its first debut on Oppo Reno series of phones. At the time of writing, there is no Reno smartphone from Oppo but it is expected to be launched in April. And on April 10th, new ColorOS would start arriving the Reno phones. Further, Oppo R15 and R15 Dream would get ColorOS 6 in April 2019 as well. OPPO Find X, OPPO R17, and OPPO R17 Pro would be next in line as they would get the update in August 2019. Lastly, OPPO R11, OPPO R11 Plus, OPPO R11s, OPPO R11s Plus, OPPO A7x, and OPPO A3 will all get the upgrade but in September 2019.

As for Realme, the brand originating from Oppo, its devices would be getting ColorOS 6 by June 2019. As the lineup is small, all devices would get updated hopefully.

The only downside to ColorOS 6 is the large wait time. Despite Google currently developing Android Q, it is unfortunate to see Android Pie just making its way to devices right now. Anyhow, once the upgrade is launched, we will be covering install guides so stay tuned for that! Also, do let us know which phone would you use ColorOS 6 on, in the comments below.


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