Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Cases / Covers

We have sorted all best Galaxy S10 cases and covers in this detailed article. It only has been a matter of days since the Galaxy S10 series officially went on sale, but there’s already myriad of cases out there for you to choose from, and they come in all manner of shapes and sizes. If you’re planning on investing in Samsung’s new flagship smartphone, you’ll want to have a look at what these companies have to offer. After all, the old adage still rings true: there’s no point in buying a phone, without buying a phone case. In this guide we’ve gathered a list of the best Samsung Galaxy S10 cases available so far. Cases that will protect both the big curved screen and triple rear cameras.

Just like with any Samsung phone, we highly recommend you buy a Galaxy S10 case to keep your phone safe and protected as new for years to come. Below we recommend everything from thin cases, clear cases, cheap options to heavy-duty protection. Not to mention wallet and kickstand cases and official accessories made by Samsung. Being the latest Galaxy S10 you have dozens of cases to choose from. Whether that’s extremely durable cases, something thin and minimal, or even a case with a kickstand or wallet built-in. Either way, a case will keep your phone safe from life’s daily hazards and is far more affordable than spending a large sum to repair a broken screen.

Best Galaxy S10 Cases, Covers

With a big screen surrounded by tiny bezels, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 looks amazing, but it’s also quite fragile. That’s why we recommend everyone get a case and have it ready the day your phone arrives.

Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S10

Spigen Neo Hybrid

Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Cases / Covers 2

In this case Spigen have ditched the Herringbone texture and added a neat new wavy texture that’s easier to hold and improves your grip. Which is a good thing considering the Galaxy S10 is bigger than ever before. Like always, this case is made from a durable shock-absorbing TPU case material then wrapped in a polycarbonate bumper. Spigen reinforced the frame at each cutout for the buttons or charging port, too, making it the best and most durable Neo Hybrid yet. And yes, the thicker wave design doesn’t affect wireless or powershare reverse wireless charging. All the features still work with this case.

$13.99 – Listed on Amazon

Speck Presidio Pro

Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Cases / Covers 3

The Speck Presidio Grip is our usual recommendation, but the new Pro series is even better. They’re using a hard polycarbonate bumper frame without cutouts on all four corners and at every port or button where an inner lining squeezes through. That inner lining is IMPACTIUM — a soft TPU-like material that is very shock-absorbing. When you drop your Galaxy S10 that material will suck up the force from the drop, disperse it throughout the case and out the corners, and keep your phone safe. Basically, with a Speck case, you can drop your Galaxy S10 up to 10ft and it’ll come out working just fine, and that includes the screen. They come in a slew of styles and colors, so give it a try.

$29.97 – Listed on Amazon

Supcase Unicorn Beetle

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Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Cases / Covers 4

If you’re like me, you like to show off the beauty and style of the Galaxy S10. Especially after choosing something like that beautiful new Red or Prism Blue color variant. If so, you’ll want to grab a clear shell case from SupCASE. They’re using an ultra-slim yet durable all TPU material that’ll keep your phone safe. TPU is a flexible plastic mixed with rubber. Giving you the best of both worlds when it comes to smartphone protection. Supcase’s Unicorn series is extremely thin, lightweight, clear (or smoke grey in color) and gives you access to everything. We really like these cases because they’re very thin and easy to hold, add just enough texture that the phone is no longer slippery, but doesn’t add any bulk either. Plus, they’re pretty great and keeping phones and screens safe from life’s daily hazards.

$15 – Listed on Amazon

Pelican Protector Case

Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Cases / Covers 5

Pelican, the brand known for extremely rugged and durable suitcases, outdoor gear, carry cases and more now makes awesome protection for the Galaxy S10.  The Pelican Protector series is the perfect case for an outdoors enthusiast or someone who’s always on the go. This case offers a dual-layer TPU design that will absolutely keep your phone safe. Any impact, drop, or accident will just bounce right off of the TPU. However, a third layer of hard polycarbonate plastic wraps around the entire outer edge of the case. This has that traditional boxy and angled edges we’ve seen in the past from Pelican, too. The angled edges help divert energy away from the screen if you drop your phone, which is neat. Basically, the same level of protection scientists and the US Armed Forces use, Pelican, is now available for your Galaxy S10.

$39.99 – Available on Pelican

Urban Armor Gear Monarch

Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Cases / Covers 6

This next case is really expensive, but it’s one of the thinnest yet most durable cases on the market for the Galaxy S10. UAG, also known as Urban Armor Gear, makes some truly unique cases. And while some people might not like the rugged and industrial design, it’s the function and job it provides, not the looks, that’s important. Each UAG case has a soft featherlight and flexible impact-resistant core, plus honeycomb traction grips on the sides for comfort. They use oversized tactile buttons that are easy to press, too, which is nice. Then, depending on which UAG model the outer materials and back of the TPU core is different. The Monarch series is our favorite UAG case. This model has FIVE different layers of material that’ll keep your Galaxy S10 safe. Those layers include a premium fine-grain leather on the back, which is then protected by a powder-coated black metal frame. Plus, they use dual-layer reinforced corners that ensure the phone can handle drops from over 10ft high.

$59.95 – Listed on Amazon | $39.95 – Listed on Amazon by Pathfinder Series

These are one of the best cases for Samsung Galaxy S10. If you have bought one of the above, tell us how is good for daily use in our comment section below.

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