Best Clear Cases for Samsung Galaxy S10+

Best Clear Cases for Samsung Galaxy S10+ 1

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, in no doubt, is one of the best smartphone of 2019 but it’s also rather expensive and does need a lot of care. So, it’s fair to say the Samsung Galaxy S10 is an insanely good-looking phone, and a rather breakable one at that! Take it from one clumsy gadget nerd to another – you will need a case. From the “punch-hole” camera on the front making that notch look like a dated interruption of the full-screen experience, to the glass construction and all the camera modules on back, this is a powerhouse in every sense of the word.

But, much like any top-of-the-line smartphone in 2019, a case is essential, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for a glass-breaking disaster. We can help you with that! We’ve been on the lookout for some of the best cases available for that new jewel of a phone you have there – from the stylish and practical, to the absolute units of indestructibility. This is going to be a very high-end, and highly expensive, phone, and you will almost certainly want to protect it from any accidents, falls or spills. Here’s a look at the best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus cases you can currently buy for the phone to help keep it safe.

Best Clear Cases, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Best Clear Cases for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

There are like hundreds of cases of for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus around but we have narrowed down some of the best clear cases for Galaxy S10 Plus that will protect it from any kind of bumps keeping the good luxury looks of your smartphone as well.

Rearth Ringke Fusion

Rearth Ringke Fusion Clear Case

First up is Reather Ringke Fusion which is a solid option with tough plastic shell which does a great job is protecting the Galaxy S10 Plus from drops, knocks and scratches. Not only it keeps the back inside safe but its raised edges also prevents screen scratches when placing the phone upside down on a flat surface. While it is a protective case, it does not adds much bulk to the phone which a big bonus. It’s slim design helps in maintaining it’s sleek profile. It also have the shock absorption technology which helps in daily use.

$25.99 – Listed on Mobilezap

Olixar NovaShield Bumper

Best Clear Cases for Samsung Galaxy S10+ 2

Now we have the NovaShield Bumper case by Olixar. It is different approach to a clear case this protects against the drops and knocks while the S10 Plus stands out from the crowd through the transparent back. Once on, it provides an added sensor grip to the phone while also allowing you to use it with no limitations. Integrated on the sides, the buttons are very tactile. This also has slightly raised edges which do a great job at protecting phone from scratches. With a level of protection it provides, it is quite a slim case.

£12.99 – Listed on MobileFun

Official Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Clear Case

Best Clear Cases for Samsung Galaxy S10+ 3

It is the most basic case for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. It is best suited for those who just like light protection. This case can handle light knocks and scratches from general use. Just to be clear, it wont handle drops very well however the hard plastic shell prevents scratches from blemish in the back and sides of the Galaxy S10 Plus. As expected, it does not add any bulk to the phone. It fits perfectly in your pocket and doesn’t restrict the use of phone. It is a great case in terms of simplicity.

£13.49 – Listed on MobileFun

Ghostek Cloak 4

Best Clear Cases for Samsung Galaxy S10+ 4

Next up we have the Ghostek Cloak 4. With more protective options, this shields your Galaxy S10 Plus from drops and bums. And also it keeps the screen free from imperfection with the raised lip. While this is a rugged case, it does not add much bulk to the S10 Plus and it feels light weight in the hands. In terms of design, this is a really nice case. The stunning S10 stands out looking great in all social scenarios. With all features of the phone easily accessible, you can use your S10 Plus with no limitations. This is a great solid case for a daily use without worrying about your Galaxy S10 Plus.

£14.99 – Listed on MobileFun

So these were the best clear cases for Samsung Galaxy S10+. Drop a comment below if you have bought one the above cases and tell us your experience. Stay tuned for more updates.

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