Android Q is Just Round the Corner – Beta Release Upcoming

Google is all set to announce Android Q Beta anytime soon and we should be seeing very first set of Developer Preview builds pop up. Just like with major releases in the past, Google will be thoroughly testing upcoming Android Q first before officially releasing it to the public. These tests come in the form of Developer Preview builds — or Beta builds — which are compiled for certain devices such as Pixel series — rumor has it, the list of eligible Beta devices (including non-Google) this time would be the biggest so far. Further, these preview builds give a strong insight as to what is in the plans for the complete release.

Now, what made us so sure about the imminent new release is the fact that Google has officially listed Android Q under its feedback program. If you simply type in “Android Q Bug Tracker” on Google and hit search, there will be an official Google URL which has a description stating Please share your thoughts about Android Q. Upon clicking, the link leads to 9.0 Pie Beta which is closed and there is no mention of Android Q. However, this confirms, the brand is quite near releasing Android 10 or whatever it decides to code-name it.

Android Q Release

Android Q Beta Mentioned in Google Beta Website

As seen in this image, Google has officially listed Android Q in its official Beta feedback URL. Despite the link ending up to the closed Android 9 program, it seems that the meta-description has been updated before the final release.

Android Q is Just Round the Corner - Beta Release Upcoming 1

We can’t wait to test out the new build but till it gets announced, we have listed some of the popular rumors that are floating around for Android Q.

Rumors for Upcoming Android Release

Android Q would be further refining Android Pie. Starting with gestures, it is expected that the new version will have no back button. This is to move towards a totally gesture based layout for navigation. There is also an expectancy of a desktop mode such as seen on Galaxy S flagship smartphones. Dark mode should be extended even further and should darken out any parts of UI that were left in Android Pie. Hopefully, performance and battery improvements are there as well to grant even higher endurance on current smartphones.

We are quite excited for the new Android version to drop and we will be covering it in detail as soon as it does so stay tuned!

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