Moto G5 Plus Update in US: Fixes for WiFi, Mobile Hotspot, Messages and Android Security

Motorola is now pushing a new software update for its Moto G5 Plus smartphone carrying various changes and improvements within the United States. Despite dropping support for major upgrades such as Android Pie, the Lenovo-owned brand is still releasing maintenance builds to ensure best reliability on its Moto G5 Plus. This new build is dedicated to address multiple issues relating to WiFi, improvements for Mobile Hotspot and it also carries newer Android security patch for 2019. To get a complete run-down of all the changes, we have listed the official release notes for Moto G5 Plus software update right ahead.

Original Moto G was the pioneer of affordable, value focused smartphones. What made the whole combination click was the software integration. Rather than a heavy skin, Motorola resorted to using near to stock Android on their smartphones. Similarly, Moto G5 Plus, which was released in 2017, follows the same essential philosophy. Further, it is good to see Motorola continuing with periodic software maintenance updates such as this one. This continued software support is what keeps loyal customers to use Moto G5 Plus as a daily years after it first came out.

Moto G5 Plus, US Software Update

Moto G5 Plus Software Update for US – Changelog:

Here is the official rundown of all the changes included within the new update.

  • Android security:
    • Includes the updates of Android security patches through February 1st, 2019.
  • Android messages:
    • Improved support for the application.
  • Mobile hotspot improvements:
    • Include fixes that improve the hotspot usability
  • Wi-Fi improvements:
    • Include fixes that enhance its functionality

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Similar to other software updates, this new firmware will arrive on Moto G5 Plus smartphones via the built-in Over-the-air (OTA) update system. This specific change-log is for United States. Hopefully, other regions will also get a similar update with these changes.

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