Download Samsung Galaxy S10 One UI Theme for EMUI devices

With the announcement of new Galaxy smartphones, Huawei users can now mimic Galaxy S10 One UI directly on their current devices with this guide. Samsung underwent a complete overhaul of there skin just recently. Named as One UI, the focus has been on one handed usage which is great considering the screen sizes of modern phones. Fortunately, there is a complete EMUI Galaxy S10 theme already available which Huawei phone owners can use to have a fresh look. Installation steps have been mentioned along with a fast download link to EMUI Galaxy S10 skin.

EMUI supports system theme-ing, allowing developers to come up with creative ideas for interfaces. However, in some cases like this one, developers are able to mimic other popular Android interfaces as well. Inspired from Samsung’s new One UI approach, this skin carries minimal color schemes, curved icons and an overall clean look. Generally, this One UI theme will work best with Oreo and above Huawei devices. To install Galaxy S10 One UI EMUI theme on your phone, continue with the steps mentioned ahead.

Download Galaxy S10 One UI Theme

Galaxy S10, specifically, showcases One UI best. It is the premiere Samsung device which will be shipping with the skin straight out of the box. And, through this theme, users can experience One UI on their Huawei smartphones.

Download Galaxy S10 One UI Theme for EMUI Devices

You can download Galaxy S10 One UI themes from the following download link:

Filename: Samsung-Galaxy-S10-OneUI.hwt
Size: 6.64 MB

Once downloaded you can easily install it, through the simple steps ahead.

How to Install Galaxy One UI Theme on EMUI Devices

You can carefully read through the following instructions on how to install these Galaxy S10 One UI them on any modern EMUI based Huawei or Honor phones:

Step 1 – Download Galaxy S10 One UI Theme from the given link.

Filename: Samsung-Galaxy-S10-OneUI.hwt
Size: 6.64 MB

Step 2 – Place the file onto your computer or if you downloaded it directly on your phone, place it to your internal storage or SD card.

Step 3 – There should be a HWtheme folder on your phone’s storage. Check first in the Internal memory and then the SD card. If you don’t find it, you can create one manually. Once created / found, copy FILENAME.hwt files directly to this folder.

Step 4 – Now, go to the built-in Theme Manager app on your Honor/Huawei smartphone.

Step 5 – As we have downloaded and extracted the themes already, head on to Offline section.

Step 6 – You should find the Galaxy S10 One UI theme here along with any others that you previously downloaded. Select the theme you want and then tap on Apply.

Galaxy S10 One UI EMUI Theme Gallery:

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