Install Xperia 10 Launcher on any Xperia Smartphone running Android Pie

With the announcement of new Xperia 2019 smartphones, developer niaboc79 has been successful to port latest Xperia 10 launcher to older Xperia devices running Android Pie. And here is a complete guide showing how to use this port and install it on your current Xperia smartphone. Generally, whenever there is a major software UI change, brands usually tie it together to certain devices rather than releasing it for all. This is where developers like niaboc79 come to help as they are able to port it for other, older smartphones. To install Xperia 10 launcher on your Xperia smartphone, read ahead.

As Xperia 10 is shipping with Android Pie right out of the box, the software it ships with is dependent on Android 9.0. Hence, the only three requirements for this Xperia 10 launcher to work are: it should be an Xperia smartphone and it should be running Android 9.0 Pie. Lastly, your device should also be successfully rooted. The installation process basically involves replacing the stock launcher APKs with new ones hence requiring root. If there is a non-root port made, we will update that here as well. Follow the ahead mentioned steps to install Xperia 10 Launcher.

Install Xperia 10 Launcher, Sony Xperia

Install Xperia 10 Launcher for Xperia Devices – Android Pie

Xperia devices, in modern times, have an overlaying skin which is quite close to stock. This, for one, allows Sony to release timely updates and also allows the system to remain snappy as their is less strain even on lower end processors.

Similarly, the new Xperia 10 launcher resembles stock Android Pie launcher with few touches to make it better for Xperia smartphones such as icons and added functionality. You can test the launcher out by implementing the guide below on modern Android Pie-running Xperia phones.

Follow these steps:

Step 1 – Download the following two files.

Step 2 – Open ES File Explorer and make sure it has root privileges.

Step 3 – Copy both files downloaded in Step 1 to folder System > priv-app.

Step 4 – Reboot your system!

That’s all there is to it. Once rebooted, you should notice the new Xperia 10 launcher.

Xperia 10 Launcher – Screenshots:

Ran into issues? Let us know in the comments so that we can help you out!


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