How to Enable FB Messenger Dark Mode – Hidden Setting

How to Enable FB Messenger Dark Mode - Hidden Setting 1

With this cool little trick, try out and enable Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger app for Android. Facebook, as a part of its testing for Messenger, has integrated a Dark Mode within its stable Messenger app. As the feature is in testing phase, there is no direct setting to enable it. However, there is a cool little easter egg which allows users to enable the setting and try it out. Complete steps including detailed screenshots have been attached ahead which show how to enable Dark Mode on your Facebook Messenger app.

Unlike third-party modifications, this method to enable dark mode doesn’t really require any sort of installation. Rather, it is hidden beneath an ingenious little trick which you can execute to get dark mode on your phone. Essentially, through this method, your Messenger app will show an extra setting for dark mode, which you can disable afterwards as well. Further, this works with latest stable Messenger app so you don’t have to worry about reliability issues present in the Beta channel.

Enable Dark Mode, Facebook Messenger

Dark Mode is something that is being adopted across all software products. Which started off basically as an aesthetic look, it was later proven to be much better than white backgrounds for multiple reasons. For one, black backgrounds don’t emit the harmful blue light which causes strain and damage to eyes after prolonged usage. Also, black color, especially on OLED screens, requires less battery as well.

We appreciate how there is a movement of dark mode support across all apps and it is good to see Facebook Messenger joining in as well. As we mentioned, this initial release is for testing, after completion, you would find the setting directly.

Enable Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger

Here is the complete step by step guide:

Step 1 – Open your Facebook Messenger app. Also, make sure they aren’t any updates pending on Google Play Store for it.

Step 2 – Open any thread (group or individual).

Step 3 – From your keyboard, find the moon emoji. There would be lot of options, choose the quarter moon face.

How to Enable FB Messenger Dark Mode - Hidden Setting 2

Step 4 – Once done, there should be an animation on screen and a new pop-up saying Enable Dark Mode

How to Enable FB Messenger Dark Mode - Hidden Setting 3

Step 5 – Click on it, and then enable Dark Mode. There would also be a notification saying that this is a test, confirm it.

How to Enable FB Messenger Dark Mode - Hidden Setting 4

Step 6 – Now, your app should go Dark! Use your app as normal and enjoy Dark Mode.

How to Enable FB Messenger Dark Mode - Hidden Setting 5

That’s all to it! You should, by now, have Dark Mode enabled. To disable it, you can go back to settings and uncheck the option.

Do you like this clever way of developers hiding new functionality? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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