How to Change Screen Resolution on Huawei Mate 20 / Mate 20 Pro

Huawei Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro owners should definitely give this guide on how to change screen resolution a read. Designed to carry top of the line hardware, Huawei’s new flagship Mate 20 Pro comes with a 6.39 inch screen that can go up-to 2K+ resolution, as Huawei calls it, which is basically 3120 x 1440. Now, that’s a large number of pixels to drive. Plus, at that resolution, the text becomes quite small and difficult to read although it frees up screen space. To cater everyone, there is a built-in setting which users can use to set and change screen resolution manually on Mate 20 Pro hence allowing you to increase or decrease. Read ahead to find out how you can do just that.

A hidden yet sometimes overlooked advantage to changing a smartphone’s screen resolution to a lower setting is extra battery life. As the number of pixels being addressed by the processor shrink, it has to do less work hence consuming less battery. Not that Huawei Mate 20 Pro has any battery capacity deficiency but it is still cool to get even better battery endurance. Further, for users with viewing difficulties, lowering the screen resolution would automatically enlarge everything that’s on the screen hence relaxing your eyes.

Change Screen Resolution, Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Emotion UI is Huawei’s own Android skin that it utilizes on each of its smartphones making the Mate 20 / Mate 20 Pro no exception. This overlay allows for a good amount of modifications to system properties allowing for totally unique setups. As a starting point, we do recommend you experiment which resolution you like the best by following the instructions detailed right ahead.

NOTE: This post is part of our series of Huawei Mate 20 / Mate 20 Pro tips and tricks. For more such tips, check out our Mate 20 Pro Features section.

How to Change Screen Resolution on Huawei Mate 20 / Mate 20 Pro

Follow these steps to modify screen resolution on Huawei Mate 20 / Mate 20 Pro.

Step 1 – Go to Settings app. You can do this by accessing the shortcut on your home screen or by using the gear button located on the notification pull down.

Step 3 – Once in the Settings options, go to the Display section.

Show / Hide Notch in Huawei Mate 20 / Mate 20 Pro

Step 4 – From this section, you need to tap on Screen resolution.

How to Change Screen Resolution on Huawei Mate 20 / Mate 20 Pro 1

Step 5 – Now, choose from the option you would like to set your Mate 20 / Mate 20 Pro to. We recommend trying the other option than the one set previously and utilize it for few hours before sticking with one setting permanently.

How to Change Screen Resolution on Huawei Mate 20 / Mate 20 Pro 2

That’s about all! You can follow these same steps to either increase or decrease screen resolution on Huawei Mate 20 / Mate 20 Pro. Do let us know which resolution option is the best in the comments below.

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