Enable Chronological Order Timeline on Twitter App for Android – How To

Here is exactly how to enable chronological order timeline on Twitter app for Android. Back in the old days, Twitter timelines used to be sorted depending on the time they were posted but that was changed to feature Top Tweets first with no option to switch back. This change was only made to the official app, other clients weren’t effected by this. Hence, users who hated the new change soon shifted from the official Twitter app. In efforts to bring back lost users and make the official app just as versatile, thanks to latest update, users can finally enable chronological order timeline. For a complete tutorial, read right ahead.

Months back, Twitter had launched an option on its iOS app which allowed users to view tweets in chronological order. However, Android users were deprived of this at that time but finally, new Android app carries this functionality. Accommodating both users, new Twitter app can be configured to change timeline viewing settings. If you like the Top Tweets layout, you can absolutely keep that.

Enable Chronological Order Timeline - Twitter Android App

Official Tweet:

Enable Chronological Order Timeline on Twitter App for Android - How To 1

The feature was long-awaited by users who preferred to use Twitter for its original function of keeping up with live events in real time, like sports and awards ceremonies. It’s still not going to remove the annoying ‘In case you missed it’ tweets, or the occasional notification that lets you know your friends liked a tweet, despite it being from accounts you don’t follow, but it’s at least a start.

How To Use Twitter for Android Gets Reverse Chronological Order Feature:

Follow the step by step guide below and see all the top tweets on your timeline:

Step 1 – Tap on the Sparkle icon.

Step 2 – A box will appear at the bottom of the screen. When the box will be pressed, the top pf the box will say “Home shows you Top Tweets first.”

Enable Chronological Order Timeline on Twitter App for Android - How To 2

Step 3 – Below this message will be an option to “See latest tweets instead.”

Step 4 – By clicking on this, you will see the latest tweets on the very top of the page in reverse chronological order.

Step 5 – This means that the most recent tweet will be on top.

We love that Twitter has finally listened to its users and has allowed options for easy configuration! If you have any question, just drop a comment below and we will help you.

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