Enable Gesture Navigation on Oppo R17 Pro

Here is how to enable gesture navigation on Oppo R17 Pro running ColorOS. Oppo’s R series of smartphones has always been the center stage of innovation and top of the line hardware. R17 Pro being no exception carries Oppo’s VOOC charging, triple cameras and more. However, with this guide, we will be taking a look at how users can enable gesture navigation as an alternate to navigation keys on their R17 Pro smartphones. Despite running Android 8.1, Oppo R17 Pro has full support for navigation gestures built-in due to ColorOS.

In an effort to maximize usable screen real estate, the smartphone industry is looking to remove the constant navigation button pane from the bottom in Android. Supporting this movement, Google itself has integrated gesture support natively in Android 9.0 Pie. Thankfully, Oppo R17 Pro supports navigation gesture support despite the fact it runs Android Oreo. To enable it, all you need to do is, follow our step by step tutorial ahead and you should have gesture navigation on your R17 Pro.

Enable Gesture Navigation, Oppo R17 Pro

How to Enable Gesture Navigation on Oppo R17 Pro

Unlike other Android 8.1 smartphones, Oppo R17 Pro has native support for a set of navigation gestures to replace the standard buttons. Follow the steps and screenshots ahead to enable it on your specific device.

Step 1 – Open the Settings menu by either scrolling down the notification pull-down and clicking on the gear icon or using the Settings app shortcut.

Step 2 – Scroll through the different sections until you find Smart & Convenient and then tap on it.

Enable Gesture Navigation on Oppo R17 Pro 1

Step 3 – Within the menu, click on Navigation Keys.

Enable Gesture Navigation on Oppo R17 Pro 2

Step 4 – Now, select Swipe-up Gesture Navigation. After selecting, you will notice the navigation buttons disappearing.

Enable Gesture Navigation on Oppo R17 Pro 3

Step 5 – There are in total 4 different gesture options. Further, for each, there is an infographic demonstrating how everything works. You can try all and then stick with the one you like the best.

Now your Oppo R17 Pro should be running gesture navigation. Plus, the constant navigation buttons on the bottom should now have disappeared. If you run into any problem, do reach us through the comments.

This has been a detailed look at how to enable gesture navigation on Oppo R17 Pro. Do subscribe to our website for more related articles!

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