Change Navigation Buttons Layout on Oppo R17 Pro

Want to change the layout of navigation buttons on your Oppo R17 Pro? Well, here is a quick guide on how you can do just that! Thanks to ColorOS by Oppo, the customization options present on its high-end R17 Pro are quite vast. And using one of the available settings, you can easily manipulate and change Navigation buttons orientation. There is an option to either have back button on the right (which is enabled by default) or you can have a more traditional layout with having the back button the left side of the home button.

Larger screens on smartphones are good for viewing content but sometimes they become a hurdle when navigating through the UI. Further, its highly likely that new R17 Pro owners have become accustomed to the navigation layout of their previous Android smartphone hence they keep on accidentally pressing the wrong button due to muscle memory. Fortunately, rather than restricting new users and forcing them to change their habit, Oppo R17 Pro can be modified to have the perfect navigation button layout. Read the guide ahead for a complete how-to along with detailed screenshots.

Change Navigation Buttons Layout, Oppo R17 Pro

How to Change Navigation Buttons Layout – Oppo R17 Pro

For this guide to work, you just need to ensure that you are running stock firmware. If yes, then there is no installation or modification required rather it is just a process of finding the correct setting which we have explained ahead.

Step 1 – Open the Settings menu by either scrolling down the notification pull-down and clicking on the gear icon or using the Settings app shortcut.

Step 2 – Scroll through the different sections until you find Smart & Convenient and then tap on it.

Change Navigation Buttons Layout on Oppo R17 Pro 1

Step 3 – Within the menu, click on Navigation Keys.

Change Navigation Buttons Layout on Oppo R17 Pro 2

Step 4 – Now, make sure you have Virtual Navigation selected in the first section. After that, choose the layout required by tapping on it.

Extra: If you wish, you can also enable hiding the virtual keys. Once they are hidden, un-hide them by swiping up from the bottom.

Change Navigation Buttons Layout on Oppo R17 Pro 3

That’s pretty much it! You should see the change immediately on your Oppo R17 Pro, no restart required.

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