How to Send Stickers in WhatsApp for Android

How to Send Stickers in WhatsApp for Android 1

WhatsApp now allows users to send stickers, just like on Facebook messenger and here is how to use to them on your Android smartphone. Users will be able to pick from a variety of stickers, which include different illustrations such as a smiling teacup and a crying broken heart. The new feature is an extension of Facebook’s Messenger stickers. Users can start by tapping the new sticker button in the updated app and select the sticker they would like to share in their chats. WhatsApp developers also said that they will launch sticker packs created by their own designers as well as a selection by other artists. A third-party sticker pack support has also been added to the app to allow designers and developers from around the world to create their own stickers.

Gone are the days when you would just message people using words. Now, there is an increasing practicality of emojis, GIFs, and stickers which jazz up your day to day conversations. There are also different categories from which you can choose your sticker. If you don’t know how to send WhatsApp stickers, we have written a complete guide for you.

Send Stickers in WhatsApp

Stickers are available on WhatsApp for Android and iOS. WhatsApp has stated that stickers will be rolling out “over the coming weeks”. So, if you can’t already see the stickers icon, try manually updating WhatsApp regularly until you get this new feature.

Send Stickers in WhatsApp for Android

You can follow the easy step-by-step guide below send WhatsApp stickers to your friends:

Step 1 – Launch WhatsApp on your smartphone and open an existing chat.

Step 2 – Now, select on the sticker icon left of the text field.

Step 3 – Tap the plus icon to add sticker packs and download the sticker pack of your choice.

Step 4 – Once the download is complete, choose the sticker you want to send.

Now you have finally learn to send WhatsApp stickers to your friends. Drop a comment below and share your experience.

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