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If you use Google Keyboard as your primary input method, here is how to utilize new floating keyboard feature in Gboard app. A floating keyboard mode is not exactly a new concept for Android users. If you look at the best third-party Android keyboards, nearly every one of them already has it. However, it’s always exciting when the stock keyboard gets those new features. In new Gboard version 7.6, Google has introduced a floating keyboard mode. It works similarly to other Android keyboards on Google Play Store. However, for people who don’t know where to find Gboard features like GIF search, translation, and more; it can get pretty messy for them. With this article you will be able to enable the floating keyboard in GBoard.

Initially, Google was testing this functionality in its Beta releases but finally, a stable release is now available on Play Store for everyone to use. Interestingly, only in a span of few months, Google has added many features to its keyboard app. That includes formatting options, different kinds of stickers, emojis, and Google’s intuitive predictive text that is based upon your Google activity. If you are a regular Google apps user and like Google’s personalized content, Gboard is a must have app for you. Keep reading ahead if you wish to enable floating keyboard feature in Gboard.

How to Enable Floating Keyboard, Gboard

A floating keyboard, instead of being nailed to the bottom edge of the display, can be detached and pushed freely across the display while at the same time allowing for adjustment in size. The most practical use of this is when the phone is in multi-window mode as previously, Gboard used to cover the whole bottom window whenever accessed and users were not able to view their input.

How to Enable Floating Keyboard in Gboard

Follow the easy step-by-step guide below to enable the Floating Keyboard in Gboard.

Step 1 – First make sure you are running the most recent version of Gboard. If not, visit the Play Store listing to update.

Step 2 – Tap on the “G” icon located at the extreme left on the suggestion strip. Here you can add GIF, stickers, translate text and much more

Step 3 – Tap on the Three dot menu icon on the same suggestion strip.

How to Enable Floating Keyboard in Gboard - Google Keyboard 1

Step 4 – You will see different options that can be added to the suggestion strip for faster access.

Step 5 – Select floating icon to enable the floating keyboard feature.

How to Enable Floating Keyboard in Gboard - Google Keyboard 2

Now you have finally enabled the floating keyboard on your Android device. Tell us how this feature is working out for you by dropping a comment below. To exit out, just drag the floating keyboard towards the bottom.

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