Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) Model Numbers and Variants

Here are all the official Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) model numbers and variants compiled in a single list. Samsung’s latest high-end A series offering is available for purchase. The key things with this phone are its triple-lens camera setup on the back and a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. Further, the design is a bit boxed as well similar to the 2016 A series devices. If you are planning to buy this phone or have already purchased it, here is a guide listing all model numbers of Galaxy A7 (2018).

Earlier, we had a chance to play around with the Galaxy A7 (2018) ourselves — checkout our first-impressions review video. The smartphone is quite snappy and has good internal hardware. Samsung is using its own Exynos chipset to power this device plus, there are no Snapdragon versions. For storage, there is 4GB RAM in the base model whereas you can get one with 6GB as well and there is 64GB storage which can be upgraded to 128GB. Read ahead to find all Galaxy A7 (2018) model numbers and variants.

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) Model Numbers

The A series is something Samsung has been refining for quite some time. It was first announced to fill the gap of a mid to high-end smartphone that is just under the flagship lines such as Galaxy S and Galaxy Note. Further, within the A series, there are different tiers of devices. The A7 (2018) is a step above the entry level Galaxy A6. Further, it carries a glass back design which is unavailble on the Galaxy A6. The only few downsides to this phone are the dated software — which hopefully would be fixed soon — and microUSB connector.

Through the ahead given Galaxy A7 (2018) model numbers list, find and compare all different Galaxy A7 variants.

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) Model Numbers and Country Variants

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There are limited amount of Galaxy A7 (2018) variants as this isn’t a smartphone which Samsung would be making available across the globe. Major markets such as Americas and Africa are missing. Further, the key hardware differences between each variant are quite less. If you want to have dual SIM, make sure you get the DS variant.

What are your thoughts of the new Galaxy A7 (2018)? If you are purchasing it, what phone would you be replacing? Tell us your opinion in the comments section right below this post.

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