How to Get Bitmoji Keyboard on Android

You can get complete Bitmoji keyboard installed with personalized stickers on your Android device with this guide. Initially, Bitmoji was only available on iOS but not anymore as Google released their latest version of Gboard keyboard application for Android, allowing users to share Bitmoji and branded stickers in messaging apps or any app that supports image pasting. With this update, users can download third-party sticker packs and/or the Bitmoji app from the Google Play store, and then send those stickers while using the Gboard keyboard. Our tutorial will show you how to correctly setup Bitmoji keyboard on your device.

Specifically, when using the keyboard, users can tap the emoji button, and then tap either the sticker button or the Bitmoji button to search for the content they’d like to share. Sticker packs are available for a variety of brands, including Star Wars, Hello Kitty, the National Basketball Association and more. Users can download new sticker packs within Gboard by tapping the “+” button on the keyboard’s sticker tab. With this guide you will be able to get Bitmoji Keyboard on Android devices.

How to Get Bitmoji Keyboard on Android 1

Getting Bitmoji on Android devices is not hard has you think. There are many ways to get it like rooting your device which many users don’t like because it voids the warranty and there are also security reasons but this method does not require any root to install Bitmoji on your Android phones. Follow the guide below to get Bitmoji Keyboard on Android device.

How to Get Bitmoji Keyboard on Android

This step by step guide will help you in installing the Bitmoji Keyboard.

Step 1 – First open the Google Play Store app from your app drawer and install the following applications

Download: Gboard – the Google Keyboard

Download: Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji

Step 2 – Now enable Gboard and Bimoji on by going to Settings and search for language and input option. Now select Keyboard & input methods then tap on On-screen keyboard -> Manager Keyboards.

Step 3 – On a pop-up enable Gboard and Bitmoji Keyboard.

Step 4 – Now set GBoard as default by going into input method and select Gboard > Permissions > Allow then select finish.

Step 5 – Open Whatsapp and tap in text filed where you can find icon How to Get Bitmoji Keyboard on Android 2 There you will find Bitmoji icon option. Tap on it to send it.

NOTE: WhatsApp is just one example, you can use it with other famous messaging solutions as well.

That’s it, now you can send Bitmoji to your friends. If you are still having trouble, drop a comment below and we will help you with it.

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