How to Enable App Drawer on Huawei Nova 3 / 3i

Ahead is how users can enable app drawer on Huawei Nova 3 and Nova 3i. If you are using Nova 3 / 3i as your first Huawei phone, you would have immediately noticed that there is no icon that lets you view all your apps, rather everything is placed on your home screen alongside widgets. Well, don’t fret as you can get it back pretty easily. To distinguish EMUI from other Android skins, Huawei decided to skip the default Android app drawer altogether. Drawing inspiration from iOS, all apps that are installed are placed directly on home screen. Fortunately enough, this can be changed with the tutorial listed ahead. All you need is to follow few steps to enable app drawer on Huawei Nova 3 / 3i — no installation / system modification required.

Before recent EMUI releases, users were completely shut from having an app drawer. However, EMUI 8.2 — stock firmware with which Nova 3 and 3i are shipped with — sports an official setting that allows to have a functioning app drawer. After you have it enabled, just like any other Android smartphone, all apps would be placed within the drawer itself letting you delete shortcuts from home screen for a cleaner look. Indicated earlier, this tutorial doesn’t require any sort of system modification such as root or even app installation.

Enable App Drawer, Huawei Nova 3 / 3i

NOTE: This post is part of our series of Huawei P20 Pro tips and tricks. For more such tips, check out our P20 Pro Features section.

How to Enable App Drawer on Huawei P20 Pro

Initially, users who switch from non-Huawei devices, find no app drawer very unusual. Fortunately, however, you can easily have it enabled with the simple instructions included right ahead.

Step 1 – Open the Settings app. You can do it by locating the shortcut on your home-screen or by simply scrolling down the notification panel and tapping on the Gear icon located at the top-right.

How to Enable App Drawer on Huawei Nova 3 / 3i 1

Step 2 – From resulting options, you should now select Display.

How to Enable App Drawer on Huawei Nova 3 / 3i 2

Step 3 – Within the Display section, tap on Home screen style.

How to Enable App Drawer on Huawei Nova 3 / 3i 3

Step 4 – As mentioned, by deafult, Standard would be enabled. To have a stand-alone app drawer, just tap on the Drawer option.

That’s about all! We do hope this helped you out and made you discover more about the P20 Pro.

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