How to Add Launcher Icons in App Drawer

Here is how you can add launcher icons to your Android device’s app drawer. Often, users install apps, such as launchers, which don’t have a direct shortcut that you can trigger to utilize them as with all other normal apps. To work around this, developer Chris Lacy has come up with a clever tool that adds shortcuts for all installed launchers to your device’s app drawer. Via this method, you would no longer be needed to dig into your device’s settings app and enable a certain launcher. The installation and activation method for adding launcher icons on your device is given right ahead.

The app, Pixel Shortcuts, on top of working with launchers is compatible with Digital Wellbeing as well — a new feature introduced in Android Pie. As the developer lists, Pixel Shortcuts is just a helper app, it won’t be able to install Digital Wellbeing or any launcher rather you would have to first install it and then use the app to enable the icon for it. Continue reading to enable launcher icon for your favorite launcher with the guide ahead.

Add Launcher Icons, Pixel Shortcuts

How to Add Launcher Icons in App Drawer

The tool we will utilize to implement launcher icons is available on the Play Store as a free app. Further, there is no root required for this mod and occupies quite less space.

Check out some of the latest Launchers available for Android:

Follow these steps to enable Launcher Icons on your Android device’s app drawer.

Step 1 – Install Pixel Shortcuts from Google Play Store or download the APK from the link ahead and install it manually. Don’t know how to install APK files? Read: How to install Android Apps Manually.

Download: Pixel Shortcuts.apk

How to Add Launcher Icons in App Drawer 1

Step 2 – Make sure the launcher you are wishing to add an icon for is installed. Now, proceed to open the app.

How to Add Launcher Icons in App Drawer 2

Step 3 – The app would now show you the complete list of launchers installed on your device along with showing you a button to enable an icon for it. Here, you can choose which icon to add. Also note, your device’s stock launcher would also be displayed in the list. For us, it was Samsung Home.

How to Add Launcher Icons in App Drawer 3

Step 4 – After enabling, close the app and go to your app drawer to find the new icon. There is some delay before the icon actually appears so you should wait for a couple of minutes before checking.

How to Add Launcher Icons in App Drawer 4

Step 5 – The icon should behave just as a normal app icon, you can uninstall it directly as well.

How to Add Launcher Icons in App Drawer 5

That’s all! You should now be able to add launcher icons to your device’s app drawer. Also, it is important to remember that this app works with Digital Wellbeing.

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