Install Sony Xperia XZ2 Sound System on any Android Device

For audio enthusiasts, here is a mod that lets you try out Sony Xperia XZ2 Sound System on your Android smartphone or tablet. Recently, sirdoha — developer for this port — managed to successfully come up with a solution that lets most Android devices run Xperia XZ2’s proprietary Sound System. It is well known that Sony has always been quite focused on audio. Be it there it TVs, stand-alone speakers or smartphones, they are always interested in providing the best audio experiences for their users. Xperia XZ2 being their latest flagship, carries the same philosophy. It is equipped with what Sony calls Xperia XZ2 Sound System. Basically, it is an equalizer, amplifier and much more combined into one to provide high end audio. You can implement it on your device with the guide ahead.

Coupled in Sony Xperia XZ2 Sound System are multiple technologies which work in tandem to provide the best audio experience. Coming to the mod, the developer has managed to make a single Magisk module which you can install directly on your device and get complete Xperia XZ2 Sound System. As a bonus, Sony Walkman — Music Player — has been included as well. Read right ahead on how to install Sony Xperia XZ2 Sound System on your smartphone.

Xperia XZ2 Sound System

Sony Xperia XZ2 Sound System – Features:

Here are all the technologies that are included in Xperia XZ2 Sound System.

  • ClearAudio+
  • S-Force
  • Clear Phase
  • Clear Stereo
  • Clear BASS
  • Headphone Automatic Optimization
  • Surround Sound VPT
  • Dynamic Normalizer
  • LDAC

Install Sony Xperia XZ2 Sound System Mod through Magisk Manager

Discussed previously, do make sure your device is rooted through Magisk and you have Magisk Manager installed before implementing the steps below.

Ahead are detailed steps along with screenshots on how install Xperia XZ2 Sound System using Magisk Manager.

Step 1 – Download Sony Xperia XZ2 Sound System mod package to your device


Step 2 – Open the Magisk Manager app on your device.

Install Sony Xperia XZ2 Sound System on any Android Device 9

Step 3 – Click on the three lines on the top left of your display.

Install Sony Xperia XZ2 Sound System on any Android Device 10

Step 4 – From the options, select “Modules“.

Step 5 – Now, tap on the add button on the bottom of the display.

Install Sony Xperia XZ2 Sound System on any Android Device 11

Step 6 – A file browser would now open. Select the module you want to install.

Step 7 – Once selected, tap on flash option.

Step 8 – The Magisk Manager app should display a certain command line display. After it finishes, press on Reboot.

That’s all to it! You should now be able to see all the Audio settings on your phone. Also, it is advised you use the Walkman Music app to play your music as it works best. If you have any troubles, reach us through the comments.

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