Android 9 Pie Official Logo

Android 9.0 Pie Logo

Here is the official Android 9 Pie logo that you can download. Android 9 Pie was just officially announced and released by Google an hour back. This is our very first look at what will the next major release of Android be called. Android 9.0 is Pie! Google is always known to name their new Android updates after sweets and desserts i.e. Android 8.0 was called Oreo and before that, Android 7.0 was called Nougat. As Android Developers website upload the latest firmware image and Google rolls out this update to your phone over-the-air, here is the official logo of Android 9.0 Pie.

You can use the Android 9.0 logo for your website or any promotional material where you want to mention the latest Android 9 Pie. We have uploaded the logo below in the highest resolution available as of now, but better quality versions will be added later as it is made available.

UPDATE: Two years later, we now have the official Android 11 logo for download.

Here is the official Android 9 Pie logo by Google:

Android 9 Pie Logo
Android 9.0 Pie – Official Logo

We love it. Google has always launched very simple and similar looking logos for its new Android OS releases. This one features the green Android robot holding a slice of pie from a dish of pie! We love it and we can’t wait to see the big one go up at the Google headquarters in Mountain View.

Download Android 9 Pie Logo: .PNG Format

You can download this logo from here in the .PNG format:

Here are a few of the previous Android OS logos for comparison:

Google has a similar trend with their Android release logos — and we love it! They went slightly different with the Android 8 Oreo logo, but they are back with the Android robot holding the relevant dessert or sweet in its hands.

Stay tuned as we will update this page with a better quality, high resolution version of the Android 9 Pie logo soon.

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