How to Launch Incognito Mode in YouTube Android App

Here is how users will be able to launch Incognito Mode in YouTube Android app. YouTube just added a new feature in their app called Incognito, something which previously has only been available on Chrome — internet browser. Basically, incognito mode was designed to let you browse the internet without impacting your history. Taking the same concept, YouTube app now supports this mode and with the guide ahead, you can find out how to utilize it on your Android smartphone or tablet.

When you launch YouTube in Incognito mode, it will not keep a track of your search history or any activities that you perform within the application. One straight benefit is, you would not witness the annoying suggested videos problem — search history related videos keep showing up. 

Incognito Mode in YouTube App

The Incognito mode in YouTube can also come in handy when you are using a temporary Android device. With this mode, none of your activities will be saved in history and there will no traces of it. To use this mode, make sure you have the latest version of the app installed.

How to Launch Incognito Mode in YouTube Android App

Ahead, we will take you through the complete steps involved in launching Incognito Mode on YouTube app.

Step 1 – First, make sure you have the latest YouTube version app running. To check, simply browse to the YouTube application listing on Play Store and see whether there is an option to Update.

Step 2 – Now open the YouTube application on your Android phone and tap on the Profile icon which can be found on the top right corner.

Step 3 – There you will see an option of “Turn on Incognito“. When you select the option, you will see a notification on the screen “You’ve gone incognito


That’s pretty much all! To signify that the user is in Incognito Mode, there is a bottom banner in the app indicating You’re incognito. Unfortunately, incognito doesn’t come with a dark mode UI as seen on Google Chrome.

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